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This article guides you how to choose color scheme for home decorating, paint, furniture, furnishing and accessories and color schemes for home and interior Decor.

Choosing Right Color Schemes for Decorating

Color scheme helps your to determine the harmony between colors in home Decor. A color wheel can be quite useful while deciding a color scheme for your home as it helps you to compare complimentary colors. Interactive color wheel tools and software are available online for your reference. The use of color wheel makes choosing the combination of colors for painting your walls, accents, furnishings, furniture and accessories much easier. Here are a few tips that you can use while deciding upon the color scheme for your home:

Monochromatic color scheme uses only one color throughout. Variety is introduced by using various tints, tones, values and shades of that key color and different textures.

Complimentary color scheme uses two colors placed opposite to each other on the color wheel, their tints, tones, shades and values such as yellow and violet. This scheme is quite bold and lend a dramatic touch to the home Decor.
Analogous color schemes use three hues placed adjacent to each other on the color wheel but use either combination of warm colors only or combination of cool colors only.

Triadic color schemes use three hues placed consecutively or at equal distances from each other such as red, yellow and blue, their tints, tones, shades and values

A novice can easily decide upon the color scheme using the following steps:

Use your favorite pattern as the guiding line for your color palette. The lightest color in the pattern can be used for the background such as wall paint color, medium color for large furniture pieces, windows, doors, closets and cabinets while the darkest color can be used for accessories.

Color can make quite a lot of difference to the size and proportion of the room. So, remember that white and pale colors reflect light more to making the room appear larger while dark colors make room appear cozier and smaller.

When it comes to furniture and accessories, white and pale colored objects or objects in similar color as the wall recede into background while brighter and darker objects attract our attention more and seem to occupy more space, so if the room is really small, you can try buying furniture and furnishings in same color as your walls or pale shades and accessorize with bright bold colors to create focal points.