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This article gives you natural interior ideas and tips on simple home decorating colors. Neutral color scheme for home Decor is quite common for small homes and apartments.

Neutral Color Scheme Ideas for Home Décor

Neutral colors give you a beautiful canvas to work upon, when it comes to home Decor. Limited use of colors and patterns help you to create a sophisticated environment, along with interesting focal points in rooms, garden and living area. Natural fibers are available in these colors too and have quite different textures for experimenting. The variety of texture in neutral natural colors infuses peace and calm in the home environment. To add interest to the interiors of the room, the best bet would be to use of a variety of textures on the floor, walls and furniture. There are wide ranges of colors that fall under the category of neutrals. Right from the traditional grays and whites, to the dusty blues, muted reds, sandy browns, soft yellows, subdued greens and many other quiet earth tones. Mixed with each other, they add a perfect element of class and elegance to the home. To get tips about how to decorate the room with neutral colors, read through the following lines.

Home Decor in Neutral Colors
  • The first step to style your home in neutral colors would be to deal with every aspect of the house. Right from furnishings to washrooms to draperies, everything picked should match to the theme of the house.
  • For simple peaceful homes, the best bet would be to use off-white or beige colored furniture. These give a calming effect to the room.
  • In case you do not want to go for light shades, give your home a warm comforting rustic feel. For this, you should use dark neutral colors, such as shades of brown, rust and black.
  • Next in line, comes the kind of draperies used. Remember, you are trying to revolve your room in the neutral colors, so the curtains, window draperies, slipcovers and pillows, all should adhere to the theme. While textures add character and drama to the home, colors give them a feel. So, everything you choose should be in sync with the effect.
  • When it comes to accessorizing the room, the throw rugs, artwork, lamps, vases and other accessories should co-ordinate with the look. Remember, the accessories you use should be simple and in moderation.
  • Do not mix up artificial tints to the neutral base colors. Not only can these be disturbing, but they also distort the overall effect of the home.
  • Claustrophobic is a strict no-no for a neutral home. It makes the room look messy and unattended. Remove any furniture, which you think is useless and does not add to the look of the room.
  • Instead of employing many small furniture objects, get single, multi-purpose and versatile items. These would give the room a sleek yet aristocratic look.
  • In terms of lighting used, revolve it around the
  • Make a note in your mind that neutral colors do have undertones or second shades to them. These undertones of colors can be pink, tan, gold, yellow, blue or even peach.
  • Soft lights or central lightings that diffuse the light to the corners of the room are great ways to accentuate elegance and class of the house.
  • Indoor plants are also great turn-on for the home based on neutral colors. You can either place real pots on the window sills or at the corners of a dinning hall or even go for artificial plants to keep them on top of tables or furniture.
  • To make the neutral color scheme look interesting, vary textures, patterns, materials and finishes. Think of texture such as light-and-shade patterns or materials like net with the base of cotton.