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Read this article to get tips for Decor of problem rooms such as decorating very big room, decoration of a long room or Decor if tall or narrow room.

Quick Tips and Easy Decorating Solutions for Home Décor

Room Decor is not as easy as it seems at the first sight. You may fancy that glamorous room in the home Decor magazine but you may find it almost impossible to translate into a reality because of the simple reason that the construction of your home and measurement of your rooms is entirely different. You may be renting an apartment where you cannot redo the positioning of walls, doors and windows or have a large large hall you do not seem to put to best use. Color, lines and furniture arrangement can make a huge difference to your room Decor. We have identified the five most common problems that people often face while doing room Decor and have come up with the possible solutions. These are:

1. Very Long Room
  • The best way to deal with a very long room is to split it into two using screens and room dividers that you may use as study area, living area, dining room, personal gym or just entertainment room.
  • Use warm dark colors on shorter walls to make them advance and give the room a balanced look.
  • You may also define separate areas by using different area rugs.
2. Low Ceiling
  • Long curtains that can be draped from above the door level and window level all the way to the floor, add height to the room.
  • Paint ceiling in light cool color to make it recede and add light to the room.
  • Tall accessories such as lamps look good and make room look taller too.
  • You can add height to a room by installing vertical and tall cabinets or bookcases in the room.
3. Narrow Room
  • Any linear arrangement on shorter walls such as placement of shelves, art pieces or rugs, will make them look wider.
  • Diagonal arrangement of furniture looks better.
  • You can also fool the eye by painting your longer walls in cool light colors to make them recede.
4. Tall Room
  • Horizontally placed shelves, crown mouldings and art pieces cut off the height of the room.
  • In such rooms, ceilings should have a warm dark color.
  • You can also play the visual trick of installing the mouldings or chair rails to one half to three quarters of the way up the walls.
5. Very Big Room
  • Experiment with warm and dark colors on your wall to make the room look cozier and friendlier.
  • Group furniture pieces into two or more separate seating arrangements.
  • Like long rooms, big rooms can also be divided into smaller areas using screens and room dividers and can be used for better purposes and will make the room look cozier too.