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Know how to decorate home step by step and tips to create your dream out and the logical method for home Decor implementation.

Step-by-Step Home Décor Gide & Tips

Home Decor can be quite an overwhelming task with all those measurements, planning, wall colors, ceiling colors, type, color and size of furniture, furnishing colors and patterns, size of rugs, storage areas, cabinets and so many things to keep in mind. It is an expensive task too. To make home Decor easier and more manageable, it is advisable to make a time and budget schedule and decorate your home step by step. Narrow down your focus to one corner at a time and complete your home Decor as a series of projects that are not too taxing on your time, energy and budget. This will also be rewarding as completion of one project will relieve you of that portion of home Decor and motivate you with success and the beautiful change.

While doing the entire room at once seems to be a daunting task, making a cozy corner in the living area as the focal point of the room may be achieved by placing a coffee table, chairs around it and arranging flowers in a vase on the table. Here are some tips for step-by-step home Decor:
  • Choose a really attractive art piece or feature to make it the focus of attention in the room.
  • Lend the dramatic touch and personality to your room by setting your focal point around the piece you have chosen.
  • Every year, invest in one single but visually appealing piece of furniture.
  • A fashionable sofa in attractive colors with pillows and a throw in complimentary colors can add new life to your living room.
  • Improvise a long wall or an unused corner by placing an antique chest or armoire there and beautify them using a collection of displayable china, glass or pottery.
  • Drawers and shelves are always needed to store linens and many other household items and can be carved out in any unused area and long-forgotten corners of the home.
  • Remove the clutter that gets collected on the table and keep the items needed in drawers. A study lamp or a personal computer, a pen stand, a paperweight and a small notepad should be enough for daily use. Keep it simple and organized.
  • Keep the dining room simple too. It should be friendly, warm and its furnishings should be versatile that can be style according to the occasion and changing trends.
  • Try flexible dark colored furnishings that can be brightened up with using sparse modern art accessories.
  • Light-finished wood can be infused with new life by adding greenery or ceramics and glass collectibles.
  • Be as creative as you like in your master bedroom that makes your feel pampered, happy and relaxing. Invest in a really good bed and make it the center of attention.
  • Other features of the bedroom should be rather kept muted and dress the bed with stylish linen in beautiful hues, prints and patterns and spare functional accessories.
  • Do-it-yourself features such as sewing up upholstery for your home or giving a new look to an old ottoman or a table and making a stylish lampshade not only makes your home look better but also give you an artist's satisfaction. Try them out.