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Here are some functional college dorm room tips, tricks for cool dorm room Decor and easy, stylish and organized dorm room living.

College Dorm Decor Ideas

As a layman, you would never understand the importance of a dorm room. However, if you have stayed in one, you would realize the importance it carries. Dorm room means the world for the person living in it. A home away from home, it is much more than just four walls. Decorating dormitory rooms is one of the most picked activities that college-goers involve themselves in. After all, who would want to stay in a room with dismal lighting and almost no life? Are you looking for ideas to make your dorm room comfortable, spunky as well as funky? If yes, then do not worry, as decorating can now be all the more fun, without thinking of the finances. In the following lines, we have listed inexpensive, functional, but stylish and trendy dorm room Decor tips.

Ideas For College Dorm Decor
  • One of the best ways to decorate a dorm room would be to use postcards. Cheap, colorful and fun, you can collect postcards from the places you have visited. A collection of many postcards can be turned into a colorful collage or even a postcard mobile.
  • For the color and comfort quotient, the best bet would be to add multicolored pillows on the bed. Not only does it make the bed look cozy and inviting, it gives a glamorous effect to the room, as a whole.
  • Generally, dorm windows provide no view. So, why not spice it up with colorful charts or some multicolored decoration.
  • To add a personal touch to the room, the best bet would be buy bright colorful curtains for the room. Nowadays, there are a variety of curtains available in varied price range.
  • If you are a nature lover, you would realize that plants brighten up the room immediately. Get small indoor plants, but those that require little or no maintenance.
  • Dorm rooms mostly have dull light. Get lamp shades to add drama and character to the room.
  • To create a homely atmosphere, the ideal choice would be to put up some portraits of your family and old friends on walls and on your desk. This would give you the feeling of being near to them.
  • In case you are away from your home country, portraying your culture and ethnicity would be a good way to lessen the distance as well as to spice up the dorm Decor. You can use some features of your tradition and culture to style the dorm room, for that special and unique touch.
  • Leather ottomans with storage space underneath are good options. They are multi-purpose objects. Apart from serving as great coffee tables, the box inside can also be used to dump your magazines and old CDs in them. However, the best feature is that Leather ottomans occupy less space and look extremely elegant and classy.
  • Your table must be full of books, isn't it? However, you can decorate them as well. Just get colorful wrapping papers and wrap up each of the books. An extremely easy way to spice up the table.
  • Store items in a particular place, so that they are easy to find. Buy some cheap baskets, milk crates and drawer systems to keep your books, wallet, car keys and other things.
  • Keep your area well organized, clean and tidy and minimalist. Avoid clutter. Even if you decorate the room well, litter and disorder can ruin all your efforts.