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Here are some tips on what to remember while decorating dorm space. Every dormitory and college has few rules to follow regarding decoration of the allotted space and have restrictions on dorm room Decor. We will discuss about them and more.

Things to remember While Decorating Dorm Space

Each school and college has certain set of rules and regulations for the students in their dormitories that are meant to prevent and resolve any misunderstandings and fights between them and enable each of them to live and study together, peacefully and have a privacy of their own too while sharing the room with each other. While you may have your own ideas for dorm Decor, it is always the best to check with college administration, what is permissible and what changes you can make to the room. Be sure to take your roommates into confidence too, before changing anything in their space. The rules that are common and related to dorm Decor are :
  • Dorm rooms need to be kept clean and orderly and any damage to University property, room or furnishings may result in fines, community service or expulsion from dormitory.
  • You may not be allowed to use or shift University furniture from other dormitory rooms or social areas in your room or keep your possessions outside your allotted room or area.
  • You may have to use furniture provided by college only and may not be allowed to bring in your own furniture, specially loft beds or other furniture pieces that may not be so safe.
  • It is better use removable plastic adhesive to attach something to the wall in a dorm rather than nails or tape that may leave a scar or hole and disfigure the look of the room.
  • Be sure that you do not damage walls, ceilings, doors, windows, carpets and other university room furnishings in any way.
  • Remember, that this room or apartment has to be used by other tenants after you and that you have roommates living with you. Make sure that your dorm Decor projects do not become a nuisance for them.
  • Decorated and well-maintained dormitories do not mean that you can do anything with university and college possessions. Limit your Decor ideas to using your own furnishings and accessories that are easily removable and replaceable rather than making drastic changes.
  • Before opting for flower arrangements or room freshener that may trigger allergic reactions, check with your roommate first.
  • Since, it is only a temporary stay, it is sensible not to spend a fortune on your dorm room Decor and stick to minimalist and functional life style.