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Hanging picture on walls needs planning and good execution skills. We present this guide that will tip you off on how to hang pictures and yet avoid making holes in walls.

Tips for Hanging Pictures on Wall

Do you want to fill the empty walls of your home? If yes, then hanging beautiful pieces of artwork will be a nice idea. Not only are they decorative elements, used for beautifying the empty walls, but also an indication about your taste and preferences regarding art. You can communicate a lot of meaning, through the pictures hanging on the walls of your room. Apart from hanging fine pieces of artwork, you can also hang pictures, say, photographs of your family or your loved one, on your walls. If you are looking for some tips on hanging pictures on wall, this article will be handy. Go through the following lines and know how to hang picture on wall. We have given some tips as well, which will help you create the desired effect for your walls.

Hanging Picture On Wall
  • To start with, map out the way you would arrange the artwork/pictures on the wall. Make a rough sketch on a piece of paper. Deciding beforehand will make it easier for you to accomplish the task.
  • If you are living in a rented apartment, you should consider using small sturdy nails and studs for placing the nails on the wall. That way, you will ensure that the wall is not damaged due to the nails.
  • Instead of hammering nails onto the walls, you may also use adhesive tape hangers. You can get them at a local hardware store. Make sure that the adhesive is strong enough to hold the hanger.
  • Make sure that the wire or string, from which you are going to hang your picture on the wall, should be sturdy enough to bear the weight of the frame.
  • Positioning of the picture is a decisive factor, when it comes to making it attractive. Make sure that the focal point of the picture is positioned at your eye level. This rule works quite well, because it makes the picture even more appealing.
  • To check whether you will get the effect that you are looking for, make a cardboard cutout, the same size as your picture. Place the cutout, in the same position of your artwork, on the wall. Now, stand back and then see if you get the desired effect.
Some Tips
  • Collage type frame are very versatile. They are perfect for hanging several pictures in one single frame. You may display your photos or cut-outs of your favorite star in a collage type frame, which is inexpensive as well.
  • Be sure not to overcrowd the empty walls with artwork. Instead, select only the pieces of artwork that are perfectly suitable for your existing home Decor.
  • Make sure that the picture you are going to hang is quite visible to others. Remember, the beauty of the picture shouldn't be left unnoticed.
  • Balance should be created between the pictures. The pictures should be synchronized. If not, at least they should come in a common category.
  • Make sure that you leave equal space between the pictures.
  • Lighting plays an important part in creating the effect you are looking for. An artwork commands more attention, when lighting is directed to it. The artwork should be illuminated in such a way that glare is not produced by the lighting.
  • Be careful not to hang all the pictures in one room. Leaving the other walls empty will create an imbalance.