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Here is a checklist for college dorm room living and Decor needs.

Dorm Room Décor Ideas & Tips

Many students wonder what to take and what not to take while living in a dormitory during school and college education. It is always easier to take as few things as possible and yet have everything that you might need during the years you have to spend here. Here is a checklist for your help:
  • For cleaning and laundry purposes, you will need Bleach, Dish soap, Fabric softener, Glass cleaner, Iron, Ironing board, Laundry bag/basket, Laundry soap, Paper towels, Safety pins, Sewing kit, Sponge, Stain remover and Trash bags.
  • It is always better to check beforehand, if you are allowed to take Cooking appliances with heating elements, Fireworks, Hunting equipment, Incense candles, Outside antennas or satellite dishes, Pets (though some of them allow you to keep fishes), Space heaters or Toaster ovens with you to the dormitory. It is better not to take anything that may be risky or pose danger or discomfort to your fellow roommates.
  • Other miscellaneous items may include 3-prong converter, Alarm clock, Area rug or carpet, Athletic equipment such as roller blades and basketball, Backpack, Batteries, Board games, Camera and its film, Comforter, Drawer-liner paper, First-Aid Box, Fishing tackle, Flashlight, Full length mirror, Jewelry box for trinkets, Overnight bag, Peg board hooks, Photo albums, Plants, Plastic Airtight Containers, Playing cards, Posters, Sleeping bag, Small fan, Small tool set or box, Stereo, headphones, Study lamp, Sunglasses, Tapes, CDs, Trashcan, Trunk, TV, Umbrella, Vanity mirror and Wall decorations.
  • You may check if there is space for Futons and Futon Mattresses and Desk and Workstation in your dorm room too.
  • You will need some utensils and some basic cooking ware so that you can make some of your favorite dishes at your dorm, on special occasions at least. So, it is advisable to pack some Bowls, Can opener, Coffee maker/pots- Espresso Machine, Cups, Eating utensils, Hot air corn popper, Hot pot, Microwave (check if you can hire it), Microwave able cookware, Mugs, Plates, Popcorn Pop-up toasters and may be a small Refrigerator.
  • You will need to keep Address book, Bookends, Bookmarks, Calculator, Calendar, Computer, Computer diskettes or other removable storage media, Desk organizer, Dictionary, Envelopes, File box, Folders, Glue stick, Highlighter, Hole punch, Index cards, Markers, Note pads, Paper clips, Pencil sharpener, Pencils, Pens, Rubber bands, Ruler, Stamps, Stapler, Stationery, Storage Containers, Tape and Thesaurus in your study area along with books and bags to carry them.
Cheap Dorm Room Decorating Ideas
Dorm rooms serve as home away from home for college students who need a place to study and relax, watch movies on weekends or just read a good novel.

Chic Dorm Room Decor Tips & Ideas
Well, if you thought that dorm rooms can only be boring and uninteresting, with no room for style, you are definitely in for a surprise. There are a number of ways you can style your dorm room to make it look funky, stylish as well as fashionable.

College Dorm Decor Ideas
As a layman, you would never understand the importance of a dorm room. However, if you have stayed in one, you would realize the importance it carries. Dorm room means the world for the person living in it.

Dorm Decor Rules
Each school and college has certain set of rules and regulations for the students in their dormitories that are meant to prevent and resolve any misunderstandings and fights between them and enable each of them to live and study together

Fabric Wallpaper Ideas
A simple and easy way to get rid of barren old walls in your dorm room is to cover them up. However, wallpaper can be quite expensive, so we will use fabric from discount stores and clearance sales instead.

Tips for Hanging Pictures on Wall
Do you want to fill the empty walls of your home? If yes, then hanging beautiful pieces of artwork will be a nice idea. Not only are they decorative elements, used for beautifying the empty walls, but also an indication about your taste and preferences regarding art.