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Here are tips to design and create floor plans and drawing a perfect architectural floor plan for your home, apartment or building.

Tips for Designing a Floor Plan

Making a floor plan is the most important step in home decoration. It is very important to decide how you will arrange your furniture in the room, what are the limitations and other space constraints that you might face before placing out things and have an idea of how they would look beforehand. Since, moving furniture and rebuilding closets and making new windows cost a lot and is quite tiresome to accomplish, your pocket and other people involved with you in the home decoration project will appreciate minimizing any unnecessary efforts and a clear plan to look forward to. Here are some tips to make a floor plan of your home:

Things You Will Need:
  • Architects' ruler with 6 sides giving different scale measurements
  • Paper,
  • Triangle, and
  • T-square.
  • A hand-sketched draft drawn with a pencil helps you to have the view of the whole home at once using a scale of 1/4" = 1'.
  • For furniture, scaled cutout silhouette pieces with most common dimensions are best, for you can easily rearrange them, as you like, without much ado.
  • Have accurate dimensions of each of your rooms, your total living space, your furniture pieces and closets and storage areas.
  • Here are the two formulas that are most commonly needed while doing home decoration for laying tiles, buying wall paper, calculating how much paint to use on wall and ceilings and other such things:
Floor Area = Length x Width (of the room)
Floor Area = Length x Width (of the room)
  • Wall Area = Height x Length (of the wall)
  • While buying large furniture pieces and other accessories, make sure that they fit in through the staircases or elevator doors and doors of your home, so that transferring them to the room doesn't become a problem. If you are hiring carpenter, it will be better that he does his work inside the room.
  • While measuring the space, be sure to know the dimension of your windows, doors, closets, furniture of each room, electronic items and other appliances, telephones and electrical outlets. Knowing these dimension will prove to be helpful while window treatments or ordering for new furniture too.
  • You may like to get the photocopies, once you finalize the plan so that you do not have to do it all over again, once you have finished it.