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This home cleaning plan will remedy all your problems related to cleaning homes effectively. Here are some tips and ideas on home cleaning products and supplies too.

Effective Home Cleaning Ideas & Tips

Thorough cleaning of home can be quite a daunting and tiring task and it is always best to have a rough plan in mind, if your don't want to waste any efforts and time in the process or miss 'the' spot while doing all the hard work on your own. Here are some practical suggestions from us that you will find useful:
  • An appropriate cleaner for the job is a great help while cleaning. Try to use the least abrasive ones at first as abrasive ones may damage porcelain toilet bowls and scrubbing too hard may cause grooves that become difficult to clean later. Make sure to follow the manufacturer's instructions while using abrasive cleaners for your safety.
  • Before trying to get into corners and worry about details, it is best to start with what you can see at first.
  • Clean from top to bottom, so that when you dust the edge of the ceilings and bookcases and it settles on the floor, you do not have to clean it again. Floor should be swept last.
  • Follow a system of cleaning left to right or vice-versa so you can be sure that you don't miss anything.
  • Keep a big box and a trash bag close at hand. All the small items that you may find while cleaning and would like to keep can be kept in the box while all things that are now useless to you can be dumped into the trash bag.
  • Make sure that you keep your cleaning supplies in the cabinets that get locked automatically and out of reach of your children and pets, as it can be injurious to their health, if ingested.
  • While rags are most common choice for dusting, vacuum cleaners today come with appendages that can reach into the tightest corners, ceiling edges, fans and window sills and suck all the dust in.
Using Aromatherapy for a Healthy Home
Aromatherapy refers to the use of selected fragrant substances as oils, lotions, inhalants and other forms to affect the mood of an individual and promote his or her health.

Household Cleaning Tips
Here are some wonderful home cleaning tips and solutions from grandma's times when all these cleaning products were not so readily available.