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Mood Lighting is used for creating mood with lighting design in the home interior, bathroom or kitchen. Contemporary lighting trends take into account whether the lighting is fluorescent or incandescent.

Basics of Mood Lighting

Lights bring life to every corner of the room. They may add a sensuous feel to the simple room or make it look like a perfect place for social meets. Mood lighting is the latest trend in home decoration. Before setting up the lighting of the place, you need to assess how much ambient lighting is there in a room. To review this, you need to first check the look of the room at different times of the day - morning, afternoon, evening and at night. While a room in the eastern side will have bright mornings, glaring afternoons, subdued evenings and dark night, the opposite is the case, with the one located at the western side. The latter will have dark mornings and brighter evenings.

Next in line, comes what kind of lighting can be given to the room. A dining space or a living room can be dealt with a central light from the ceiling, which will bring in diffuse light to the corners of the room, making it socially appealing. In case of the bedroom, you would want a relaxed, romantic and comfy ambience. In such a situation, the key to make the room quixotic and dreamy would be to indulge in dimmers and soft lights. A table lamp at the corner of the room or lamps with adjustable lights can add drama and intensity to the bedroom. Also, you can keep a few aromatic votives to intensify the ambience of the room.

Coming to children's room, the best bet would be to keep the lighting bright and vibrant, but take care not to make it too loud. This would help flow positive energies to the room. Match the lightning to the color theme of the room. For instance, for a pink room, the light chosen should emit subtle grace to the room but a blue room should have lighting that gives a cool impact to the ambience. For reading or sewing rooms, fluorescent lights are a good option to explore. They are bright and would therefore assist in reading fine prints or sewing purposes.

To create a lively atmosphere in the broad daylight and also supplement ambient lighting in the living room (where there is indirect lighting), the best bet would be to use strip lights behind a wall-to-wall valance over the windows. In case you are in a party mood, use more of halogens and red lights. These create just the right effect for the party mood. To accentuate the effect, use the white mini-lights in patio plants, large houseplants, and so on to make your party sparkle. In case the party is for the couple and requires romantic setting, use lots of candlelight and shimmer ones. Add mirror, crystals, diamond and other reflective surfaces to create an extra festive spar. To give a whimsical effect, use strand lights beneath a translucent table cloth