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Read tips to choose bathroom faucets, tub and shower faucet and bath shower faucet here.

Bathroom Faucet Options

Faucet literally means a device to regulate the flow of liquid from a reservoir where it is kept. However, tub and shower faucets that we use in the bathroom today are much more technologically advanced. Bath faucets are not only meant to regulate the flow of water but optimize the use of bathroom sink too such as a higher spout of the faucet helps in washing hands and filling tumblers. Faucets that come with water purification system ensure that you always get clean water to rinse your mouth while you are brushing your teeth or washing your face. There are some bathroom faucets that provide only cold water while some other faucets can warm up water to a comfortable temperature for bathing. You can get rid of leaky tub and shower faucet forever by using washer free bathroom faucets or cartridge faucets.

Cartridge style faucets have single piece constructions and thus are very easy to install and use. They do not leak so easily and you won't have to face the challenge of changing the worn out washer frequently. It is not advisable to buy cheap bathroom faucets as they are to be used daily and leaky faucets can be quite a headache. Use quality bathroom faucets ranging from middle to high end tap sets from major brands that are proven for their excellence and performance. Follow the standards set for plumbing and find out the size and type of faucets and their parts you can use in your home. While you need to make sure that your great looking designer faucet is actually functional and efficient, they should match the complete look of your bathroom decor.

Even if you are on a budget, make sure that you choose your tub and shower faucet carefully. Do pay attention to the details of your bathroom design - whether it is modern or traditional, the material used in your bathroom sink, bathtub and bathroom vanity countertop, paint color and texture of the walls, the paintings in the bathroom, faucet style that suits and can serve all the tasks you have in mind such as soft bubble effect or power flow that massage your body in the tub and the warranty of the bathroom faucet. Shower faucets are available in various styles and types too. A wall mounted faucet above the shower drain is perhaps the most popular of all bathroom shower faucets. People who love high-end bathrooms ma prefer to use ceiling mounted faucets that seem to recreate rainfall inside the bath or handheld shower faucets with long arms stemming from the wall.

You have myriad choices from different types of faucet finishes but you must pay attention to the maintenance that a faucet finish requires and whether it fits well into your bathroom design theme. Some of the most popular bathroom faucet finishes are platinum, stainless steel, nickel plating, chrome plating, silver, gold, brass, white enamel, porcelain and colored epoxy (that is often marketed as fancy faucets line). Brass and chrome faucets are some of the best chosen shower and bathroom faucets as they are durable and easy to maintain. However, make sure that you apply the special protective coating on faucets with brass finish before installing them as they can get tarnished very quickly. Colored epoxy finish is easy to clean and maintain and are quite durable too, especially when they use PVD or 'physical vapor deposition'.

Epoxy finishes also come in some of the best finish colors and you can virtually get all colors or have them custom colored to fit into your bathroom decor. While discount and cheap faucets may look same expensive premium faucets but they are not as durable and their integral parts are made of plastic. Higher end or quality shower and tub facets will either have no washers or have enclosed cartridges with valves or have ceramic washers, to regulate the water flow. You must know that bathroom faucets may have different valves. If your bathroom plumbing already has built in rough-in calves, it may limit the choice of bathroom and shower faucets that you can choose or your may have to replace the valve first and then install the faucet. It is best to get advice from your plumber to know what types of faucets are compatible with your bathroom plumbing and pipes before making your choices and buying the faucets you love.