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There are various types of tiles available in the market but one must choose according to the décor and requirement.

Bathroom Floor Tiles Buying Tips

Bathroom tiles are available in all types of quality, colors, sizes, patterns, textures, styles and shapes and the options are virtually infinite. Choosing your bathroom tiles forms an important part of bathroom design and decor. We are presenting you with bathroom tile ideas for bathroom floor tiles in this article that will help you to create your dream bathroom design. One of the best bathroom tile ideas is to use ceramic bathroom floor tile is more durable, easy to clean, has resistance to dampness and does not become too slippery when it gets wet, but you must take care to choose slip-resistant surface in ceramic tiles for bathroom safety. Unglazed tiles may be a little cheaper but they absorb stains easily and so need to be washed frequently and need more maintenance.

Bathroom floor tile shapes are generally rectangular, square, hexagonal and octagonal while accent tiles are generally narrower, diamond shaped and come in smaller sizes. You can create interesting bathroom floors by using solid color ceramic bathroom floor tile for the bathroom flooring and then add tile borders to your bath floor or alternate tiles of two different colors to create a border that becomes the visual treat for your bath. You can make your bath look a little larger by using same color and shade of ceramic tiles for bathroom floors and walls. To introduce visual variety, you can choose a different tile size for the walls or lay wall tiles diagonally. Varying grout colors can also give new look to your ceramic tile color.

Contrast the grout color to the ceramic tile color. You may choose blue, red or yellow grout with white tiles. However, you will need to preserve the grout color by applying sealers to grout lines, especially in areas that has great traffic and heavy wear. If you want to incorporate your favorite color in the bathroom design but are cautious not to overdo it, you may add few decorative tiles of that color on the walls or you can use tiles of that color placed diagonally to make rows on the wall alternating with rows of tile colors in complementing colors. You may also use tiles of different shapes, textures and borders to add a bit of your favorite colors without overdoing it. Tiles of all colors normally go well with white as their contrasting color. Use plain backgrounds and add bright and bold colored tiles with interesting shapes and graphics to give a contemporary look and style to your bath space while you can add modernistic accessories and fixtures to give it a high-tech look.

Decorating bathroom in romantic or Victorian styles becomes so easy when you have floral tiles on walls in soft pink, light green or light blue colors. You may also use wooden floor tiles treated to resist moisture or bathroom floor tiles with faux wood look to achieve romantic look in your bath space. Use hand painted ceramic sinks for added effect. Hand painted tiles or Mexican tiles on floor interspersed with terracotta tiles give Mediterranean look to your bathroom. You can also use hand painted tiles with plain color tiles on countertops in your Mediterranean baths. Bathroom tile colors are important to help you relax or fill your with vigor and energy at the start of the day. Cozy bathrooms and bathrooms with country look and fun looks can use warm color tiles such as peach and yellow.

To make the bathroom look larger and evergreen, use neutral color tiles in beige and white as they reflect light a lot. Serene bathrooms or spa like bathrooms should use tiles in cool colors such as blue, green and violet. Large bathrooms have the luxury to use tiles in bright colors such as red or black that look dramatic and absorb light. They also make the room look smaller. Ambient lighting in bathrooms that have large windows and receive lot of natural light can be achieved by installing tiles in darker colors. If you want to use dark, bright or bold colors in smaller or darker bathrooms, use them only as accent tiles or add accessories in those colors. So, embark on bathroom floor tiling project to give that fun, cozy, creative or any unique and special look to your bath space you had always dreamt about.