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Know about bathroom flooring, bathroom flooring ideas and bathroom laminate flooring.

Bathroom Flooring Options and Ideas

Bathroom flooring should be chosen keeping bathroom safety in mind. Vinyl linoleum flooring can last several decades and easy to clean and maintain while marble flooring is easy to maintain but is much more durable and can last for generations. Good quality tiles may also last for generations and are easy to clean and maintain. Bathroom laminate flooring can last almost a decade but needs a little more maintenance. Hardwood flooring may last a lifetime but needs to be well maintained, especially around the base of the commode. It adds warmth and elegance to your master bath and normally uses oak and pine wood. Bathroom carpet adds warmth and softness to the floor but is very difficult to maintain and water can cause odor and mildew in the carpet, so it is better to use throw rugs instead of carpets for comfort and style.

Bathroom flooring ideas eliminated warm and soft carpet as wet carpet flooring becomes damp and dirty and does not look so cozy but if your heart is set on the bathroom carpet flooring, make sure to have a vinyl border around the bath, toilet and basin to take care of accidental splashes and a few bathmats on it to soak in water and moisture and soapy condensations from your feet. Laminate bathroom flooring may or may not be used for wet floor areas though high quality laminate bathroom flooring system with high gloss finish and smooth surface adapts well to wet floorings. They are quick and easy to install too. Stone finishes in bathroom laminate flooring such as granite and marble designs look beautiful and can last for years.

The most popular options available to your while choosing bathroom flooring are bathroom carpets, bathroom carpet tiles, ceramic floor tiles, laminate flooring, bamboo flooring and vinyl flooring. Uncovered floorboards in a period style bathroom are quite cheap and look authentic. They add warmth to your bathroom. They need to be sanded well before sealing coated with varnish. However, floorboards can be slippery once they get wet and let the draught of air in the bath space. The space between the floorboards can let the water seep in to the ceiling below. Thus, it requires much maintenance. Bathroom carpet is warm and inviting and has a non-slippery surface. The most commonly used carpet in the bathroom is the one with foam backing.

They can be inexpensive and come in thousands of colors but bathroom carpets can be much difficult to clean and must be of correct type. Carpet tiles have evolved from tough and coarse tiles to the texture that mirrors standard bathroom carpet. They are easier to replace, as instead of tearing down the whole carpet, one has to just replace individual tiles. It reduces the wastage and makes it easier to fit them in the bath space. However, they offer limited choices and can still get dirty easily. Ceramic bathroom floor tiles are available in reasonable prices and offer wide range of styles, materials, sizes and colors. They need to be installed carefully on wooden floorboards using special adhesives or they may come loose and grout may crack. The non-slip finishes in these tiles are best for bathroom floors and should have bath mats for additional bathroom safety.

Wet rooms that look like giant shower cubicle ideally have solid floors and can use ceramic tiles for flooring or vinyl flooring to ensure totally waterproof finish. Ceramic tiles are relatively cheap and proper laying o the tiles can make them waterproof too. They are quite durable, come in vast range of options and are easy to clean. Bathroom laminate flooring should be installed using the 'floating floor' principle but since bathroom fixtures such as toilets, bidets, pedestals and freestanding baths need to be anchored to the floor, it can be a problem. A flat and level sub floor can guarantee quick installation of the laminate flooring, especially with latest 'click' systems. They are easy to lay and clean but water spills can damage the boards and laminate flooring may get slippery when it is wet. One of the few options for hardwood floors that can be used in bathrooms is bamboo flooring that does not require much maintenance and is quite resistant to damage and scuffing.