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Useful Ideas for Bathroom Furniture

Modern bathrooms have separate shower, bath rub, above-counter sink as a piece of art and bathroom furniture. In vanities, vintage furniture pieces may be used for decorative purposes. The furniture pieces in the bath may include sitting chairs and settees, towel rack and vanity cabinets with mirrors. Medicine chests are kept in bathrooms too. Basic bathroom suite consists of a toilet, a washbasin and a bath with matching taps and handles with perhaps bidet and mirrors. Other bathroom paraphernalia includes bathroom storage furniture such as cabinets to keep toiletries and fresh towels. These days, bathroom cabinets are quite flexible and present a combo of mirrors, lights and shaver sockets along with storage space.

Bathroom furniture includes bathroom vanities placed on either side of pedestal sinks, low-hung cabinets and dressers for undergarments that can be made from wood or metal. Tower cabinets can be used to keep hair dryers, electric shavers and appliances, ironing boards and built-in hamper hampers in closets along with other small items that may cause clutter in bath. Latest trend is to keep a side cabinet that comes to our hip-level in the bath that has a washbasin and shelves to store daily toiletries and drawers to store towels and other linens. You can choose from antique bathroom furniture pieces to contemporary ones.

Contemporary furniture designs come in space saver varieties; functional ones making us of all the available such as vanity sink cabinet, bathroom caddie with shelves, bathroom organizers with a basket for storage and shelves for display and may be towel racks too. Wicker bathroom furniture and rattan furniture are strong, durable, light, airy and have delicate looks. Wickerwork is made up of weaving and interlacing the vine or grass called wicker around a frame in exquisite patterns. Wicker furniture is available as tables, chairs and sofas and can be made from willow, rattan, bamboo, reed or synthetic materials. They have feminine looks and suitable for kids' furniture as it is lightweight, affordable and easy to move around.

Wicker can also be used to make lampshades, chests, hampers, planters, porch swings, baby bassinets and carriages. You can store your bathroom linens in stylish wicker chest of drawers or coordinate console table with wicker baskets with your rustic bathroom decor. Wicker seat with basket can be used to sit and provide a storage solution is small bathrooms. Then, there is wall mounted bathroom furniture that is both practical and functional, especially for small bathrooms. Bathroom furniture come in all scales and beautifully crafted wall mounted bathroom furniture makes your small both look more organized, clutter-free and hence more spacious. You can use a wall mounted washstand and column cabinets to free floor space.

Bathroom furniture needs to be coordinated with bathroom design and their finish and styles afford a lot of flexibility to bathroom designers. Try to achieve a uniform and clean look when choosing your bathroom vanity furniture and conform the design of the furniture to your architectural scheme and decor theme. It is best to use White and light colored wood finishes for smaller bathrooms while deep wooden tones can add richness and warmth to larger bathrooms. Steel bathroom furniture and other metal finishes can help you to unify your bathroom decor with the contemporary design that you choose. It is best to choose large bathroom furniture pieces in shades similar to your backdrop bathroom color for serenity while smaller furniture pieces can be in complimentary colors to provide accents to your bath.