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There are a few important things to keep in mind before buying bathroom lighting and fixtures.

Tips for Buying Bathroom Lighting & Light Fixtures

Bathroom lighting is an important part of bathroom decor and design. We need to remember that bathroom light fixtures are meant to help us to groom ourselves and look our best rather decorating the bathrooms. It should help us to see ourselves clearly and should not play 'special effects' on our face and cast unwanted shadows when we are applying makeup. Some bathrooms make us look green or pale and we are not able to see ourselves it impossible for us to get ready properly. Thus good clear lighting is quite important in the bathrooms. Vanity lighting or mirror lighting in the bathroom is thus very important and we must use clear lens or shade in bathroom light fixtures, so that we can have more light in the bathroom and see ourselves clearly.

Placement of bathroom light fixtures should ideally light up our faces fully and minimize shadows under the chin and eyes. We need to see our foreheads and cheeks properly. While people who love to groom like Hollywood stars can place as many as half dozen lights on each side of the mirror, even we mortals need to use at least one bathroom light fixture on either side of the mirror. Bathroom light fixtures should ideally be placed at average forehead height to minimize shadows on all sides of the face and should be at least two and a half feet apart from each other. If you want to mount bathroom light fixtures directly on the mirror, choose them carefully because only a few look good in this setting. For larger and darker bathrooms, additional light fixtures can be fitted into the ceiling of the bathroom.

Fluorescent lights are the ones that make you look green or pale, so avoid them. Opt for incandescent light fixtures or bulbs that claim being closer to natural sunlight. Bathroom lights that make your look beautiful are the only right ones that should be installed in your bath. Make sure that lights in the bathroom are clear and bright and do not change colors. Fixtures should have good guarantee period and must be easy-to-maintain. You may prefer to see lights against daylight to see how they look before buying them. Proper lighting and right kind of light fixtures in bathroom is necessary to help you find things easily and not scare yourself by just looking at the mirror. Suitable lighting fixtures are not only aesthetically placed but also hold bulbs in the right position. Since the bathroom has lot of moisture, soapy deposits and grime, it is essential to choose good quality bathroom light fixtures in appropriate material.

Lights should be directed at the person rather than the mirror and two lighting fixtures can be positioned in opposite directions so light up the entire face or lighting fixtures can be places on the wall, two feet or more above the sink. Avoid any reflectors so that there are no shadows or glares cast at unwanted places. Bathroom lighting can be done inside the cabinets to enable you find things inside them easily and can be placed on the over bathtubs or bath enclosures. The right lighting fixture and desired lighting effect should be chosen carefully. The various kinds of bathroom lighting fixtures include bar lights that are tiny trochees mounted on metal bars of different shapes and designs fixed to walls or counters. They ca be used for up lighting or down lighting and can be used above double sinks in more than two shades for dramatic effect.

Long bar lights do not require separate light fixtures. You can use lampshades made of translucent or frosted glass and metal frames that have antique finish or are plated with chrome or polished brass. Vanity bulbs for bathroom lighting are also available as light bulbs inside rounded white glass enclosures that give strong diffused lighting effect to light up the smallest imperfections of the face and help us to groom easily. They are best places over narrow sinks. Wall sconces can be used to light closets or near commode as a bathroom lighting fixture but are normally not placed near sinks. Since they are recessed and inside ceilings, they are not prone to moisture deposits and soapy condensations deposited but they can be expensive to install.