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Bathroom Mirror Ideas

Latest bathroom trends are white and bright with bold colored walls, ceramic floor tiles in various patterns and white pottery to add dramatic touch to the bathroom decor. Yet, bathroom mirrors have retained their place as an important part of the bathroom design and look and determine how the natural and artificial light in the bathroom is reflected and changes its mood and feel. There are myriad styles of decorative bathroom mirrors that you can choose to conform to your bathroom style ranging from traditional to contemporary. Victorian style bathrooms with dark wood finish, boxed in baths and wainscoting call for wood framed bathroom mirror, arched mirrors and perhaps wall sconces for extra lighting while traditional bathroom furnishings have wooden framed mirrors in softer designs.

Traditional bathroom mirrors include various wood textures and tones and wood bath panels as their design elements. Choosing a right bathroom wall mirror is based on the size of the bathroom and the size of the bathroom vanity. Bathroom mirrors should never extend beyond the vanity while bathrooms with double basins should use rectangular wall-to-wall mirrors to reflect and distribute light effectively to highlight bathroom accessories and other bathroom furniture and add to the overall visual space in the bathroom. Besides the wall mirror, solid white bathroom suites with white bathroom furnishing also reflect light and diffuses light well to add spaciousness and give an airy feel to the bath space.

White pottery bathroom suites give a cohesive look to the bath space and jazz up with warm colors and hues such as reds, blues or greens that are so popular in latest bathroom designs and trends with solid colored ceramic tiles or tiles with motif inlay as accents to give a unity to overall look of the bathroom. For contemporary bathrooms, frameless bathroom mirrors with inset lighting look ultra modern. Contemporary bathroom mirrors that are generally circular or square in shape go well with detailed modern bathrooms and high-tech bathroom styles. For elite and complex bathroom remodeling projects, wall mirrors that do not exceed the length of floor mounted or wall mounted basin furniture are very popular.

Hanging wall mirrors with overhanging light fixtures increase the amount of light in the bathroom. You can use your creativity and imagination to hang wall mirrors in different ways to give dramatic results. Mirrors with built in lighting can be installed inside shower enclosures and in and around the bathing area. Bathroom mirror can double up as additional lighting fixture by diffusing light properly. These days, one can buy bathroom mirror and lighting that come based on a theme in designs, styles and sizes conforming to each other and makes it easier to incorporate in other bathroom design components.

Bathroom mirrors help us in so many ways from brushing our teeth and dental floss in the morning to shaving to scrubbing and applying makeup and should be able to help us clearly see everything. Even vanity and decorative mirrors should be chosen carefully for this purpose. Bathroom mirrors range from simple shower glass mirror to the clear fogless mirrors and come in frames that transform this basic utility item to a custom bathroom accessory. You may use framed or unframed mirrors or install special attachments to your bathroom mirrors for holding mugs, brushes, soap-case and other toiletries. Embellish your bathroom with an antique mirror; iron framed or standalone to give it a historical or period look. Aluminum frames are easy to maintain and are resistant to oxidation and are thus, popular with many people.