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Read about bathroom rug, how to choose bath rugs and luxury bathroom rug.

Choosing the Right Bath Rug Fabric

Do you want to revamp the look of your bathroom, without spending much? If yes, then we have provided just the right solution for you. You will be surprised to know that indulging in small changes such as towels, artwork, shower curtain, and a bathroom rug; you can give a complete makeover to your bathroom. Known for its versatility and affordability, rugs is one of the easiest accessories to transform the look of the bathroom. It adds to the visual impact of a bathroom. In addition to it, bath rugs are an inexpensive way to highlight and accentuate the look of a bathroom.

Available in a variety of shapes, colors, and textures, you can always find a bath rug that matches the style of your bathroom. Be it a floral, Asian, seaside, or children themed bathroom, you will definitely find a similar themed rug to accentuate the look of the bathroom. Right from a traditional or antique bath rug to a contemporary and elegant one, the options are many. While a soft, warm colored rug suits the best for a warmly colored bathroom with ceramic tile, a contemporary designed bathroom is best complemented by a strong colored bathroom rug. To know more about how to choose the right bath rug and the cleaning tips, read through the following lines.

Choosing the Right Bath Rug Fabric
While choosing the right bath rug fabrics, there are umpteen varieties available in the market. Right from the ones made from nylon and polyester to the rugs offered in cotton, the options are varied. While the nylon and polyester rugs offer durability, feel, vibrancy and survival despite repeated washings, a simple cotton one provides utmost comfort, support and is an efficient absorbent. However, one of the greatest disadvantages of cotton rugs is that it gets damaged with constant use. Also cotton rugs require more maintenance than their counterparts. In case you are fine with a not-so-soft bath rug, bamboo bath mats could be the ideal option for you. Available as thin, light, solid mats, such rugs are extremely durable. However, the drawback of bamboos rugs is that they do not absorb much moisture.

Bath Rug Cleaning Tips
  • Mostly bathroom rugs are easy to clean, as they just need to be put in the washing machine. However, before cleaning, make sure that you read the instruction given.
  • If you have a stubborn stain that refuses to remove, use a stain remover. It would work perfectly for the bath rug.
  • While cleaning the rug, make sure you wash it separately. In case, you put it with different colored clothes, be prepared to get a techno-color bath rug.
  • It is very important to dry the bath rug thoroughly. The best bet would be to dry it everyday. You can either put the rug out in the open or in the drying machine.
  • Constant use makes a bath rug wear out. To refresh it, you can use small amounts of bleach or peroxide while washing. The solution is good to get rid of the sepia toning seeping in the bath rug.