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Read about bathroom shower curtains, how to choose shower curtain and shower curtain rods.

Bathroom Shower Curtains Ideas

Bathroom shower curtains are perfect functional bathroom accessories that can change the look of your bath decor. People who do not want to go for a glass wall shower cubicle can make use of a good shower curtain to define their shower area. Shower curtains shield the rest of the bathroom (other than the shower area) from water sprays while adding color to your bathroom. It is quite affordable and durable and forms an important part of your bathroom design. Bathroom shower curtains must be resistant to water and moisture and need to be clean and dried frequently.

While most of the people try to match their shower curtains with their wall color, receding them into the background, you can let your creative side decide on how to choose shower curtain for your bath. You can even let the shower curtain you like dictate the bathroom decor theme and choose other elements to match or compliment it such as bathroom towels and wall art while you match your bath rugs with the window curtains. While buying a shower curtain, you have to decide whether it will be used as a bathroom display or will be pulled off to one side when bath is not in use depending on the size of your bathroom.

Unique contemporary bathrooms can use shower curtains in bright colors and patterns complimenting the color of walls and bathroom vanity. Match them with bathroom accessories and trimmings. People sometimes use one layer of shower curtain that is both functional and decorative while some other like to overhang it with an outer shower curtain just for decorative purposes. Shower curtains need to be well maintained to really solve their purpose and need to be washed regularly and should be aired and ventilated properly. Hang them to dry in natural light and air so that they dry properly and do not attract mold and mildew. Shower curtains are available in a range of fabrics and can beautify your interiors and decorate your bath space in a jiffy.

Shower curtains can define the color palette, mood or theme of your bathroom or can prove to be a unifying theme to tie all the bath decor colors and patterns together. Bathroom shower curtains can be bold and exotic and can be a deciding factor in the bathroom decor style such as traditional, contemporary, country, rustic, shabby chic, Japanese and Victorian. You can then choose the colors of your bath rug and window drapes from it. Especially in small bathrooms, shower curtains occupy a large space and needs to be appealing to the eye and be a part of your prominent style. Choose shower curtains with good aesthetic sense and make a personal statement in your bathroom.

Add a dramatic touch to a modern bathroom by choosing shower curtains with dashes of color. You can choose your bathroom shower curtains based on the bathroom design theme such as environmental friendly bathrooms can use durable hemp shower curtains. You can also order custom-made bathroom shower curtains with your favorite picture or photograph printed on them that will be appropriate to be a focal point of your bathroom design. Besides traditional shower curtains, you can buy some unusual type of bathroom curtains such as a hook-less shower curtain and formal shower curtains with geometric patterns or lines. Most bathroom shower curtains are made up of washable fabrics such as polyester, waterproofed cotton with an impermeable liner and plastic, which is easiest to maintain.