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Know the type of bathroom sink you can choose, bathroom vanity sink and bathroom pedestal sinks available in the market.

Bathroom Sink design & Decorating Ideas

The shiny white porcelain bowl from the past has now evolved onto bathroom sinks of all shapes; sizes, colors and materials are available in all types of price ranges too. Sinks for the bath can be installed on a counter top, table top, on bathroom vanity cabinet, hung on the wall or can be freestanding with stylish trunks or pedestals to cover the drainpipe. The type of sink you choose for your bathroom depends on its plumbing and space requirements and its compatibility with the design of your bath. A new and stylish bathroom sink can give a new look to your bath, even if you are on a budget. The traditional white sink is perhaps one of the least expensive sinks available in the market too and usually comes in round, oval or square.

There are corner sinks too that are made to fit in the corners. Bathroom vanity sinks are available as countertop and pedestal sinks that come in a varied choice of materials, quality and price ranges. Solid surface countertops in which the sinks are installed can be customized to fit the bathroom design too and give a stylish look to the simplest of sinks. Pre-molded counter sinks are relatively cheaper than the custom-molded and professionally installed custom sinks. Sink bowls can also be installed into bathroom furniture pieces to make them functional and efficient for your bath such as the low bureau. This will allow you to conceal the plumbing behind the furniture and enable you to use lower drawers for storage purposes.

Installing sink in a tabletop treated to be water resistant and withhold water overflow can be an option to the pedestal and countertop installation of sink bowls. Sink installation in bathroom furniture is the new trend these days and add interest and warmth to our bath. Many people love to paint motifs on their traditional porcelain bowls or install hand painted porcelain bowls to add artistic touch and shabby chic look to their bath decor. Cartoon characters, flowers, fishes and animals painted on the bowls make delightful sinks for kids' bathroom in homes and crèches. These beautiful customized bowls are then glazed and re-fired to make them more durable. Traditional-style sinks in bold colors look quite trendy too and can be used for fun contemporary look or children's bathroom.

Glass vessel bowls are the latest in line of bathroom vanity sinks and brighten the look of the bath and add elite looks to it. They can also be used in conjunction with recessed lighting beneath the bowls for Zen bath decors and minimalist bathrooms. A wide range of colors, shapes and textures in sinks is increasingly replacing traditional sinks we know. Sinks are now considered pieces of art that add character to your bath and are important part of fashionable fixtures line available in the market. Glass bowls can be set on the top of a traditional countertop or on wrought iron, brass or chrome bases and stands. Bathroom sinks are available in brass, stainless steel, chrome, copper and stone too and their combinations.

Trendsetters and designers often love unique bathroom vanity sink pieces such as copper bowl between two layers of glass, sink in shape of a lotus flower, sink that looks like a fabric draped over a black iron base or mahogany, birch or teak wood sink to match the bathtub. Wooden sinks and fixtures are preferred for a serene look with warmth and softness that helps one to relax and home spas. The wood sinks are usually made out of aged and dried wood glued together and uses wax and hard-wax oil to make them stand water for long time. However, they may not be so durable and need good maintenance.