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Read bathroom space saver ideas, decorating small bathroom and small space bathroom design.

Space Saving Ideas for Bathroom

Bathroom space saver ideas can help you squeeze in all the comforts and luxuries you can accommodate in your small to tiny bathroom. Open up your bathroom by lighting it well. Use recessed lighting in the ceiling to focus on a workspace and add warmth to the room using wall sconces and countertop lamps. You may brighten up the room using natural sunlight by installing skylights or larger windows in your bathroom. Replace a large vanity with that luring nice storage space with delicate pedestal or wall-mounted sinks to make your bath feel more open. Opt for a small shelf for storage instead or fish out some space in a linen closet nearby. Vanity cabinets take much floor space and removing it can free some of this space for you to put to better use.

Anything that sticks out makes the bathroom shrink. So, cut back shelves, hanging racks, furniture and decorative accessories that stick out and cuts back the space. Install only what is absolutely necessary and find alternative storage area elsewhere. If you must install cabinets and shelves, do it high on the wall and near the ceiling, so that they do not form visual barriers. Create illusions of expanding a small space placing a large mirror in front of the bathroom sink to reflect light well and let no dark corners creep into your bathroom. You may also consider artistic placement of smaller mirrors instead of one large one to distribute light more evenly.

Use light color paint on the walls and a light colored flooring to make the bath look larger. If you are in a rented apartment and cannot change the color of your floor, use light colored rug to cover the flooring instead. Try to keep small accessories to the minimum as they look like clutter in a small space. If you must, use one or two that are either made up of crystal clear material that lets light pass through it or have reflective surface such as steel. Sleek and angular accessories look beautiful in smaller bathrooms. Opt for a clear glass shower door instead of a frosted glass bath or just use a shower curtain that can be pushed back when the bath area is not in use. Choose your wall finish wisely as different wall finishes can cut down or open up a space depending on their reflectivity.

If you are using wallpaper on your bathroom walls, choose ones with white, yellow, neutral or other light colored backdrops and an open and airy design. You can add artistic touches and depth to the wall by painting or stenciling a decorative mural on the largest open wall. You can make up for a missing window with a beautiful view by hanging a framed picture depicting Nature's beauty, where you had want the window, to an extent. The picture can be of a garden or a beautiful horizon and seems to add space to the look of the bathroom. You can use other artistic pieces that bring outdoors inside the bathroom too but do not opt for more than one display in the bathroom.

Raise your ceiling visually by adding cornices or painting a lattice or molding design around its edges. You can also install crown molding around the ceiling in the same color as the ceiling to expand it a bit. Painting clouds and stars using light colors and white, using faux painting techniques add to the space and make your bathroom look stylish. Make sure that your bathroom is always neat and clean as it looks more spacious that way. Remove all the clutter and keep only essential things in the bathroom. Organize vanity area, linen or medicine closet from time to time and add some interest to it using your own imagination and creativity. Remember, your bathroom interior is a reflection of yourself. So translate some of your personality traits in bathroom designing.