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Bathroom Storage Ideas & Tips

Bathroom storage solution and organization ideas can be an important aspect of your bathroom design. A clutter-free organized bathroom looks neat and clean. The first step is to remove everything from the bathroom counters and shelves, out of drawers, bathroom vanity and medicine cabinet. Then, choose the things you really need or use frequently and place them where you can access them easily whenever they are needed. Any unnecessary item should either be thrown out or stored elsewhere. Find places to keep essential items visible at all times and grouped together based on their utility.

You can put trinkets in clear plastic boxes, bins, drawer dividers and clear cosmetic bags, even if they are kept inside the drawers, so that you can find them easily in the drawer. For countertop things, use decorative storage items that will add to your bathroom decor. You can opt for out-of-sight or hidden storage solutions for your bathroom such as a plastic coated, pull out towel bar inside the bottom cabinet can be a great idea to hang your cleaning rags and wash cloths. You can store and keep tall bottles of hairspray or toothpaste in turntables and put other trinkets in see-through boxes and pullout drawer units.

Towel bars can be a space saver in the bathroom and are quite handy when you want to hang wet towels after use or need a fresh towel after a shower. They can be installed easily on the extra wall space in the bath. In small baths with limited wall space, you can hang a bar behind the door or over the toilet but never hang a towel bar above a heating vent for the towels may accidentally catch fire. Towel racks with extra shelves to keep fresh colorful towels look beautiful. If you are remodeling a tiny bathroom and do not have bathroom space for a towel rack, you can install decorative hooks on the back of the door or near the sink to hang your towel or robe.

A small wall-mounted shelf or a chest in the small bathroom, a cupboard or armoire in a large bathroom and a chair or settee with hidden storage space will add warmth, color and style to your bathroom along with offering bathroom storage solution. Bathroom storage cabinet standing independently on the floor or mounted on a wall can offer some extra storage space too. Bathroom cleaning supplies can be kept in a handled tote under the sink or the uppermost cupboard for families with children. Bathroom storage cabinets containing medicines and poisonous substance that should be out of reach and sight for children should have childproof latches.

Modern bathroom storage ideas include replacing plastic shelving system with wood or rubber-coasted wire systems and keeping toiletries in beautiful and matching containers. A wall sconce inside and a fluorescent light above or under your linen closet or storage cabinet can offer creative illumination ideas that help to access things kept in the cabinets easily too. Replace the door panels of your bathroom medicine cabinet with clear glass panes. If you lack space for horizontal cabinets, try vertical storage solutions such as three-tier wire baskets in the corner hanging from the ceilings or sleek vertical storage cabinet that stretches from the bathroom floor to the ceiling.