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You can select and install bathroom tiles yourself if you know certain things.

Choosing & Installing Bathroom Tiles

Bathroom tiling project can be very cost effective while remodeling your bathroom, if you keep a few things in mind. In this article, we will discuss ceramic tile ideas for your bathroom and planning for proper tile installation in your bath. Tile setting can make all the difference to the look of your bathroom. You can ceramic tile almost everywhere in your bathroom, where you would like to add tiles such as bathroom vanities, bathroom showers and shower stalls and countertops. Tile design is the first step in choosing a tile and you can read our article on Bathroom Tile Design & Patterns for ideas on how to choose a tile design. You may also surf the Internet to explore all the tile options available in the market these days. Tiles are available in many different materials. Most of them can be categorized as porous and nonporous tiles.

Since, bathroom is one of the areas of our home, where there is too much moisture and dampness, water may get clogged and deposits of soapy condensations and grime can be found and things can get dirty and stained easily, it is advisable to use nonporous tile material for your bathroom project. Nonporous, slip resistant ceramic tiles are the best option for bathroom tiling. Tiles that are too large may look ridiculous in small bathrooms and preferably; we must use smaller-sized tiles with small designs for bathrooms with limited space. Ceramic tile was traditionally used around shower areas and baseboard but now people install tiles around bathroom vanities and other areas too. Though many people prefer to go for DIY tile installation, until you are skilled in these types of work, choose a professional instead for ceramic tile projects.

If you still wish to do bathroom tiling yourself, here are some tips on how to install bathroom tiles. You may either choose floor tiles and skirting in the same color and wall tiles in contrasting color or you can tile your bathroom vanity in an interesting manner by changing the tile color or design at your chest level. Calculate the number of tiles you need by measuring the square footage area that needs to be covered and covering it with the size of tiles that you have chosen for your project. The gaps between the tiles also need to be taken into account while calculating the number of tiles you need to order. While buying the tiles, any tile that will be used in half or less than that should be calculated as a half tile while any tile that will be used more than half should be calculated as a full tile.

You need to remember that since you cannot buy separate tiles and that they come in packed cases, each case having a fixed number of tiles, never order tiles less than what you actually need as there have been cases, when bathroom designers had to compromise and make do with a different tile for half a tile just because they could not get exact shade, design or pattern they had previously ordered. Keep the extra tiles in your store to replace any tiles that may get damaged and need to be repaired in the future. Learning a bit about ceramic tile installation before your try your hand on it will prove very useful as bathroom tiles provide a backdrop of your decor and set the tone and mood of your bathroom.

Bathroom wall tiles in deep color, dynamic flooring pattern of ceramic tiles or stone tiles can change the whole look of your bath while remodeling the bath. Premium tiles look beautiful but may lend a cold feel to your bathroom. Thus, to ensure maximum comfort and avoid having to step on a cold floor in the morning, choose warm colored floors instead. Bathroom floor and wall tiles in warm colors can soften the cold looks and feels of your bathroom fixtures too. If you have porcelain fixtures and 'cold' tiles, you can paint the walls in warm colors to balance them. You may also cover portions of your bathroom with warm, soft, comfortable and moisture-resistant rugs. You may install floor heating system such as electric floor heating to warm the surface of cold tiles and make your spa at home a complete relaxation retreat for yourself.