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Read about Feng Shui in bathroom and bathroom colors Feng Shui.

Feng Shui Style Bathroom Décor

Feng Shui is all about helping the flow of positive energy or chi in your home and block or flush negative energy out of it Feng Shui literally means 'Wind and Water'. Bathroom is of course associated with water but you need to balance it by keeping water element in other areas of the house such as aquarium, fish tank or water fountain, according to Feng Shui. In this article, we will discuss Feng Shui cures and tips for existing bathrooms and bathrooms that are being newly built or remodeled. The bathroom is definitely the room that you think of when you think of water. But the water in the bathroom isn't the same as the water element. You will still need the water element, such as a water fountain or aquarium, in other areas of the house to be balanced. Like the rest of the house, you can use bagua to design your bathroom.

Bagua is a diagram that divides the room or space in nine areas. You can find the diagram on Internet by typing 'Bagua Feng Shui'. To use it, stand at the threshold of the door facing the bathroom holding the diagram in a way that the areas closest to you are Skills, Career and Helpful People. The nine guas or areas of the bathroom (or any room) indicate Prosperity (where you need to place something that symbolizes money or prosperity and use purple color or accesory in this area to attract wealth and abundance), Family (represented by wood and water, you can keep flowers or framed picture of flowers in this area), Skills and Knowledge (illuminate it with desk lamp or keep a potted plant here), Career and Life Path (place a small aquarium, vase of flowers, a collection of seashells or a picture of the ocean here) and Helpful People and Travel (use silver and gray colors here and choose metal and water elements for this area. A metal-framed mirror here is a good idea).

Other areas are for Creativity and Children (make it colorful, illuminated and creative), Relationships and Love (use pink color and things that rempresent earth and fire elements such as candles, an open fireplace or a potted plant with pink flowers), Fame and Reputation (a high backed chair in front of a solid wall or things that show your accomplishments or red color is best for this area), and finally Health (put plants, fresh flowers, fish tanks, paintings of mountains or forests here and keep it clean and dust free). Place the bagua over the bathroom sketch and place the fixtures such as bathtub and toilet, closets, doors and windows according to their elements and color, according to the diagram. You may use reflective surfaces to mean more lighting. Make sure that your bathroom is not situated just opposite the entry of your home or you may loose any new opportunities coming your way.

If you cannot move your bathroom, make sure that the lid of the toilet is always closed when it is not in use and remember to keep the bathroom door shut. A proper Feng Shui bathroom is neat and clean, has ample lighting and good ventilation system. Put up lot of mirrors to reflect chi and help it move smoothly all over the bathroom. If the bathroom is located in the center of the home and flushing away your money, place a full-length mirror on the bathroom closet door to create an illusion that bathroom is not there and deflect any chi that tries to escape through it. Salvage the chi ready to flush out from the toilet by placing fresh flowers and floral arrangements in an alcove above or near the toilet or a bowl of pebbles above the toilet tank or a shelf above the toilet and put a red or black rug at the base of the toilet to avoid loss of money. Make sure that you do not let money waste by allowing fixtures in the bathroom to be dirty or faucets to drip or leak.

The bathroom in the center of the house should be painted red to introduce fire element to stop draining of wealth but otherwise, good bathroom colors and color schemes according to Feng Shui are light grays, cream and pale blues. In new and modern homes, Feng Shui experts suggest to use neutral color schemes and wall sconces to lighten up dark walls and corners and not to place your bathroom directly across from entry doors. Bathrooms should not be built in the fame, prosperity or wealth sections of the bagua of the entire house and a toilet closet to hide the toilet from view is also suggested. If you live on the top floors, try not to build a bathroom above the main entrance of the house. Perfect bathroom Feng Shui colors for new homes are pastels and light colors along with good lighting and illumination systems.