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You must choose the right fixtures for your small bathroom as it may unsettle the whole décor.

Right Fixtures for Small Bathrooms

While larger and bigger bathrooms that can be turned into personal retreats are the trend of the day, many of us have to do with small or tiny bathrooms. Scaled-down fixtures can be a blessing in a tiny bathroom but you have to be careful that they are actually usable. A toilet, sink or tub slightly smaller than average can make your bathroom look more expansive, especially in rented apartments where you cannot build additions to your home or break down a wall or closet to free more space for your bath. Small and petite fixtures are available with many customized options and you can find some easily in specialty showrooms. They are available in lots of colors, shapes and patterns and are often available at same or slightly higher price than standard models.

For Lilliputian bathrooms, you can find small bathroom sinks, pedestal sinks, wall hung sinks and corner sinks. If you have a small lavatory, then the location and size of the faucets are very important. Make sure that the diminutive sink you are choosing is big enough to allow you to wash your hand comfortably in it. Positioning the faucet in the corner is the best way to optimize space in small sinks. Normally small sinks have wall mounted fittings with single control and 4 inch center. Sinks are available in all types including ones that fit snugly into a corner, make best use of smaller bathroom space with style, can accommodate a wall-mount or countertop faucet well and that are custom-made to fit into unique situations.

Wall hung sinks are great for small baths bur some people may prefer small diminutive vanities for their storage cabinets. However, customized vanities with vanity tops that have integral sinks or standard countertop with small countertop sink may cost much more. Plan your bathroom layout well. You may use smaller than average bathtubs or corner tubs and whirlpools for tight space but make sure that they are actually usable. In a tiny bath tub with less than 36 square inches of space, make sure that the rim height of tub is high enough to hold more water for bathers, especially for taller people. If space is too limited, you can use neo-angle showers in the corner instead. In toilets, rough-in refers to the distance between the wall and the center of the closet bend or toilet drain, which is normally 12 inches in modern homes. Lesser the rough-in space of the toilet, it will be closer to the wall and takes up lesser pace in the bathroom.

Other factors that decide the space taken up by the toilet is its tank design and whether it is one or two piece and shape of the seat, whether it is rounded or elongated. The best use can be made of a small bathroom space by using a 12-inch rough-in with a rounded or compact elongated front and use one-piece low toilet tank as it seems to take less space. Rounded bowls tale lesser space than elongated ones though they may be less comfortable for some people. Generally, round-front toilets extend 25 to 28 inches from the wall while elongated toilets extend 29 to 31 inches.

If the toilet is just opposite the door, which is normal in smaller bathrooms, an elongated toilet seat may restrict the swig of the door. You can use compact elongated bowls instead. Make sure that the material of bathroom fixtures should be coordinated well so that everything fits visually. In a tiny bathroom, use fixtures that are in same colors as walls and floor of the bathroom. Use colors, lighting and visual space enlargement decorating tricks just like other rooms of the house to make your bathroom look and feel larger. Pale, soft and cool color schemes look more serene and make the space look larger. Avoid strong colors though you can add towels and accessories to add visual variety in your bathroom.