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Here are ideas for summer home bedroom, bedrooms in warm countries and bedroom Decor for summer.

Bedroom Decorating Ideas for Summers

The bedroom in any season should be relaxing and make you sleep comfortably. The designing and Decor of this room of your home should not have any distracting item that attracts your attention away from your comfort. While planning a restful bedroom for your summer home, here are some tips that you can use:
  • Any view of water such as ocean, sea, river or lake should be made use of and a tall window that provides the full view of the cool scene outside should never be missed.
  • Views of gardens, trees and mountains are relaxing too and should be counted on giving the airy feel to the viewer.
  • Instead of covering your windows with the curtains, you can leave them unobstructed to enjoy the beautiful views while you can place the curtains and draperies around your bed to block the sunrays from disturbing your morning sleep.
  • Curtains around your bed having soft pillows and throws lend a romantic and fantasy Arabian Night look to your bedroom Decor too and make it look cozier and more intimate.
  • If you have a habit of reading books in the bed, the night stands on both side of the bed with a lamp on each side, a few good books and magazines, alarm clock and a jug of water along with other accessories can offer the relaxed feel to the room.
  • For an old-time feel, you can add bulky antique furniture pieces that make the room look lavish and transport you to those simple times once again but stick to one or two pieces at the most to avoid the stuffiness in the room.
  • A carpet, modern big-sized windows and sheer translucent draperies can make the room look and feel open and airy.
  • Maintain harmony in the room and stick to pale and light colors for summers.
  • White bedspreads make the room look cooler.
  • Walls can be tinted white or pale green, yellow or blue in subdued and muted tones to maintain the relaxing effect.
  • Carpet should also be light-colored though it can be darker than walls.
    Let the furniture and pillows take on the deepest hues and add color to your bedroom Decor and give it a feel of warmth and intimacy to it.