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While selecting the pillow for your bedroom you have to keep so many things in mind.

Tips on Choosing Bedroom Pillows

For many, bedroom is a safe haven in the private sanctuary called 'home'. Nearly one-third of the life is spent on sleeping, which makes the room even more important. Not a focal point of a home Decor though, bedroom is given special consideration, when the design of the house is formulated. Starting from the colors, lighting, furniture to the bedding, every thing related to the bedroom is chosen carefully, because at the end of the day, you would trudge into your bedroom to relax yourself.

Talking about comforters, gone are the days, when pillows were used merely as a rectangular headrest. Today, they form an integral part of bedroom decoration. In fact, very few people can sleep without a pillow. They are not only meant for comforting you, but also as a great decorative item, that can enhance the look of your bedroom. They can help you make a style statement for your bedroom. Check out information on how to choose decorative pillows for your bedroom.

Decorative Pillows For Bedroom
  • Although there is no strict rule, as to how many pillows you can use for your bedroom, it is better to stick to two set of sleeping pillows, complemented by a smaller set of decorative pillows. You may also use a third set of pillows (throw pillow) which will be the smallest.
  • Different kinds of pillows have stacked in the markets. Pillows for the body, to support the head, for the floor, to throw, to lie on are available in the market.
  • While choosing the pillow, make sure that it provides you enough cushioning. This is because sleeping with a wrong pillow can trigger headache, backache or neck ache. You may also choose pillow that is something between flat and fluffy, in terms of cushioning.
  • To create a sense of elegance of the Old World, you may use pillows made by using wool. Check out the pillows with sequin work on them - they are also nice options to consider for vintage style of home Decor.
  • Embroidered pillow cases are selling like real hot cakes in the market. The are very versatile, suitable for any theme of your bedroom.
  • In terms of fabric, the choice for pillow case is wide. You may opt for satin, silk, velvet, cotton and polyester pillows.
  • Pillows for your head shall be covered with pillowcases made with lightweight fabric, like cotton. You may opt for those embroidered along the edge.
  • Plain solid color will be the best option for the pillowcase, if your bedroom's walls are colored with light shades.
  • Depending upon your personal taste, preference and the color scheme of your bedroom, you may choose pillows with floral prints and the prints of animals, fruits or veggies on them.
  • While selecting pillows for your bedroom make sure that, they compliment the rest of the room. With a delicate and fancy exterior, you can bring about an elegant look to your bedroom.
  • Dress up the bed with throw pillows. Be sure not to create clutter in the bed by overusing the pillows.