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While going for the bedroom bunk bed it is also very important to know about safety aspects.

Safety Tips for Bedroom Bunk Bed

A bunk bed consists of a set of two or three beds, each one placed on top of the other. It is specially designed with the help of a bed frame. It is best suited for a small bedroom, where you do not have adequate space to place a large size bed. Usually made up of wood or metal, the bunk beds come in a variety of styles and designs. Some of the popular varieties of bunk bed are loft beds; couch bunk bed, metal bunk bed, wooden bunk bed etc. The top beds have a ladder and are equipped with safety rails. The latest bunk beds also consist of drawers and shelves. Nowadays, there is the feature of separating a bunk bed, if required. The bedroom bunk beds are simple in design and provide great comfort. In the present times, these beds are increasingly gaining popularity. Given below is some information on bunk bed.

Safety Tips For Bunk Bed
  • Whenever you plan to buy a bunk bed, always check its sturdiness. To test its sturdiness, place your hand on the top bed and shake it to check, whether there is any kind of movement.
  • A bunk bed should have at least two upper bunk guardrails, with at least one rail on each side.
  • Make sure that the bunk bed doesn't have openings on the guardrails, because it is unsafe for small children. The openings would allow a child's head or body to slip through.
  • Bunk beds must have all the details along with a label with the name, address of the manufacturer, the model number, and the month and year of manufacture.
  • Make sure that you are also provided the instructions about the proper mattress size to fit the bed frame and on how to use the beds safely.
  • Once you have found a bed you're interested in purchasing, make sure that the bed meets both the CPSC (Consumer Product Safety Commission) and the ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials) requirements.
  • Ensure that the bed placement is correct. The best place should be in a corner, where the bed will have support from two walls.
  • Top bunk placement of the bed should be done in such a way that an adult should be able to enter and exit the top bunk without hitting the ceiling, ceiling fans, or light fittings.
  • The ladder should be locked into the bed frame. One should place a nightlight near the ladder, so that sleepy children can find their way down safely.
  • Parents should examine the bed for any possible opening, such as in railings or slats, which could allow the child's head or upper body through.
Benefits Of Bunk Bed
  • The bunk bed scores for its durability. It can be used by your child from age three through college.
  • Your child can begin enjoying his/her new room, as it adds a fresh look to his/her room.
  • It frees up valuable floor space for a desk, and allows your child to do his/her homework. With today's homes and their small bedrooms, the bunk bed is a huge benefit.
  • A quality bunk bed will have no trouble selling it later, because you can get a good resale value for it.
  • Metal bunk beds are more flexible, which makes it easier to change the format of the bedroom much more easily.