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Find some really cool canopy beds design and décor ideas here.

Canopy Bed Design and Décor Ideas

Canopy bed truly adds class and elegance to the bedroom. Well, if you were of the opinion that creating canopy bed was difficult, you are in for surprise!! For creating canopy bed, all you need to do is to widen your horizon and come up with innovative ideas. A canopy is basically a kind of covering that acts like a shade. You can easily make the canopy, by using light fabrics or transparent plastic. To feel the luxury of the canopy bed, just buy some fancy curtain rods and install them on each side of the bed. Also, hang a couple of soft fabrics containing beautiful motifs. To make it more personalized and unique, you can create a canopy that seems to reflect your style.

Types Of Canopy Bed
There are two basic styles of canopy beds - the traditional canopy bed and the contemporary canopy beds. While the former aims to reflect a Victorian aesthetic, the latter is concerned with delicacy and subtleness. Traditional canopy bed usually employs metal rod frames or intricately carved wood frames. Though the contemporary canopy bed also uses wood, metal, or combination of the two, the difference is in the final outcome. The modern canopy bed often features sharp, geometric designs as the covering. Also, the kind of fabric hung is different. While the traditional canopy bed uses heavy embroidered pleated draping, the modern canopy bed is concerned with soft and tender fabrics. To know more about how to create canopy bed, read through the following lines.

Ideas For Creating Canopy Bed
  • One of the easiest ways to create canopy bed would be to hang a series of curtain rods from the ceiling above the bed. The rods should be perpendicular to the bed and parallel to each other.
  • Once the rods have been placed, drape curtains across the rod. Make sure they are long enough to cascade to the floor at the foot of the bed.
  • For a crown canopy, install a cornice board at the head of the bed. You can then decorate it by embellishing it with multiple layers for fabric, surrounding the head of the bed.
  • For a contemporary canopy bed, the best bet would be install four shower curtain rods, on all four sides of the bed. Now, just hang soft fabric, with decorative motifs, from the rods with the help of rings, clips or decorative shower curtain hooks.
  • In case you want to go for a conventional look, use wood strips to create a ceiling for the bed. The next step would be to fasten layers of fabric to the rods around the bed. The fabric you chose in traditional canopy bed should be heavy upholstered fabric, in contrast to the soft and subtle one used in contemporary.