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It is important to know the type that suits you most while choosing a sleigh bed.

Choosing a Sleigh Bed: Traditional or Contemporary

Is your bedroom boringly designed? Are you looking forward to revamp its style and appearance? Do you want to add drama and character and make it look stylish and elegant? If yes, then sleigh beds hold the key for all your answers. Originated from France, sleigh beds have increased in popularity and usage ever since it initiation. These are different from other beds that can be commonly found. The headboard of a sleigh bed is larger than its footboard. One of the unique features of the bed is that both its headboard and footboard are curved, with their tops rolling outwards. (The designing of this bed takes you back to the bygone times, when horse drawn sleighs were used.) This sleigh-like form adds to the eternal charm, beauty and style to any bedroom.

Traditional & Contemporary Sleigh Bed
Made of wood, the traditional sleigh beds were very heavy, in terms of weight. As per the history of furniture designing, the bed was the result of the French and American Empire period of the early 1800s. The unique designing of the sleigh bed can be traced back to the empires of ancient Rome and Greece. However, in contrast to the yesteryear varieties, the sleigh bed available today, are made from a variety of materials including wood, iron, brass, steel and aluminum, and often possess less exaggerated curves of the foot and headboards.

Another point of contrast, between the traditional and contemporary style sleigh bed, is in terms of curl. Going back to the bygone era, the sleigh beds available then, had either inward or outward curls. However, the present version boldly flaunts of just outward curl, mainly because of the comfort quotient. You do not hit your head on the curl, while quickly sitting up on bed, much unlike inner curl, where chances are you might hit yourself at some point or the other. To keep with the latest trend, sleigh beds available today have the headboard and footboard leather upholstered. Such beds have been tagged under the "reinvent" sleigh bed variety.

Choosing Sleigh Bed
In the present times, the sleigh bed style is offered in beds for toddlers and the cribs. Normally, when it comes to choosing a sleigh bed, the best option would be to either go for full, queen, or king sized bed. However, if you have restricted space, sleigh beds for twin sharing can also be a good option to explore. These beds lend a fabulous look to the bedroom, adding a lot of glamour, luxury and grace. They make the room look rich and luxurious. The best facet of sleigh bed is that it can be used in both contemporary and traditional designed room. So, just go ahead and add an ever-lasting charm to your room!!