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There are many advantages of choosing a trundle bed over other types such as bunk bed.

Advantages of Choosing a Trundle Bed

Tired of sleeping on the couch, while your two siblings occupy the double bed? If yes, then you would realize that even a double bed falls short, when it comes to three occupants. To bring you out of such an uncomfortable situation, we have provided a solution - Trundle Bed. It is basically a bed on wheels. The whole idea is to have a spare bed which can be efficiently stored, when not required. Trundle beds are usually a pair of beds, wherein one bed is slightly smaller in size than the twin bed. The small bed is on rollers or casters and is put beneath the upper twin bed for storage. At times of need, you just need to pull out the bed and sleep!!

As A Space Saver
An effective space-saving technique, trundle beds allows you to have two separate beds at the time of necessity, without blocking the space constantly. Since the beds are stored one beneath the other, neither of the bed have a box-spring. When not used for sleeping, the mattress of the lower bed can be removed and it can be used, as a general storage drawer. If you have a guest for the night, trundle beds can prove to be just the right option. It also serves as a great solution for children's 'sleepover' parties.

Trundle bed allows the room to be spacious during the day and comfortable at night. Occupying less space, it gives the children opportunity to play about freely in the room and enjoy time with friends, without feeling cramped. Apart from the number of varieties of trundle bed available, there are various types as well such as single beds, twin beds and full size ones. The lower bed on some trundle beds can 'pop-up' to be of the same height, as the bed they are stored beneath, creating a larger bed that may be used for guests.

Trundle Bed Vs Bunk Bed - The Choice
When it comes to furnishing a kids bedroom, bunk beds are the most picked varieties. Bunk beds are beneficial in terms of saving space and also create a lot of fun, excitement and thrill for the kid. Children have since long, enjoyed the idea of sleeping on the top bunk, as it feels like climbing a tower. However, the nuances of bunk bed cannot be ruled out and are a cause for concern for all parents. Firstly, the bunk beds are not as sturdy as parents would hope them to be, causing safety concern.

Since only either of the siblings, can sleep on the top bunk, there is always a constant fight, as to who would sleep there - something that creeps in jealousy and rivalry between the two children. The best bet in such a circumstance would be to go for trundle bed. Easy to handle and simple to maintain, these beds are sturdy unlike the former ones, thereby resolving the safety concerns for the children. However, the argument of who would sleep on the trundle still persists. So, the best option would be to switch the two siblings back and forth, every time the sheets are washed