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Check out some tips on choosing ceiling paint color/colour for bedroom.

Tips for Choosing Right Bedroom Ceiling Color

It is a little known fact that ceiling can dramatically change the Decor of any room. That is why people often end up painting the ceilings of their room as plain white. Talking about the bedroom, ceiling plays a predominant role in setting the atmosphere for the room. Therefore, it is important to pay special attention to the color of the ceiling of your bedroom. Beautifying the ceiling of the bedroom and making it prominent not only cherishes the mood, but also creates a lasting impression on the space. Choosing the perfect color for your ceiling might prove to be a confusing task. However, with the tips given in the article, you will find the best color for your bedroom's ceiling.

Choosing Bedroom Ceiling Paint
  • You may set your bedroom apart from others, by choosing color contrasts for the ceiling and the walls. The combination of light pink ceiling and mauve wall color is in hot trend.
  • If you want to give a tranquil look to your bedroom, then choose a subtle tint of the wall color for the ceiling. The amalgamation of the colors gives the room an entirely different look.
  • If you want to open up space in your bedroom, then pick a shade lighter than the color of the wall, for your ceiling. This is especially applicable, when the ceiling is too short.
  • If the ceiling of the room is too higher than you actually need, you may try to reduce its height virtually. One shade darker than the color of your wall, for the ceiling, can do the wonder. Apart from virtually decreasing the height of the ceiling up to the desired level, the color of the ceiling will make the room appear warmer and more intimate.
  • You may choose a monochromatic color scheme for the ceiling. In order to create a harmony between the walls and the ceiling, choose a color (for the ceiling), which is two or three tones lighter than the color of your bedroom walls.
  • Beiges, browns and tans are also bright option for bedroom ceiling. They are best bet for creating a cozy feeling in your bedroom.
  • While picking the colors, be sure not to be too loud. Always check whether the color of the ceiling and the walls are in accord or not.
  • Apart from opting for a single solid color for your bedroom ceiling, you can use the space for visual expression. Depending upon the Decor of the room, you may choose different patterns for your ceiling. You may paint different shapes on the ceiling as well, to add depth to the space.
  • You may also highlight the ceiling by using different kinds of lighting fixtures, like a crystal chandelier. It will give a finishing touch to your ceiling.
  • Always remember to choose a soothing color for your bedroom's ceiling. After all, the room is a place to relax. Bright and loud colors such as orange and red can be too distractive.