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Here are tips and ideas on comfortable bedroom furniture arrangement and on how to arrange furniture in bedrooms.

Bedroom Furniture Arrangement Tips and Ideas

Furniture arrangement in bedrooms is perhaps the easiest part of the bedroom Decor and should not be difficult even for the budding home decorators. Here are some handy practical tips that you can use to arrange the furniture in bedroom:
  • Start with choosing the wall against which you will place your bed.
  • Place your focal point on the opposite side of your bed for maximum visibility.
  • Bed placed at an angle in the corner looks quite dramatic.
  • A nightstand with drawers and shelves and a lamp can be placed at both sides of the bed for visual balance and allow for place to rest your alarm clock, magazines and books and water. It also allows the couple to have their own reading light in the night.
  • Instead of footboards to rest the feet at the end of the bed, you can also place a bench or a trunk that provides versatility enough to be used as seating area and a storage space for blankets and a place to throw your robe after the bath.
  • If you have a large master suite, you can use the extra space to create a seating area, reading area or relaxing area for yourself by placing upholstered chairs or a chaise lounge with tall potted plants in the corner for the touch of greenery.
  • A dresser with a mirror or a full-length mirror with interesting frame looks quite attractive and is very functional too for nighttime skin care.
  • An armoire to accommodate your television, audio systems or books can add the look of lavishness too.
  • One or two accent pieces that are unique in finish, color, material or size can take on the focal point of the room.
  • Heirloom-quality furniture may tax your pocket but is worth it. Look for the long lasting and better supporting dovetail joints, durable and easy-to-use metal on metal drawer glides, sanded and stained wood finishes that will keep your clothes safe, cedar-lined drawers for fine clothing and solid brass finish that is always in vogue while buying such furniture.