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Articles, tips and advice related to décor, buying and design of bedroom furniture.

Bedroom Furniture

We spend about one-third of our life in our bedrooms. It is the place where we sleep at night and the place where we get up in the morning. Majority of our day-to-day activities, right from reading a book to watching TV to sleeping, are carried out in the bedroom only. This makes it only reasonable that we make the room as comfortable as possible. In order to do this, we need to keep a lot of things in mind, selecting the right furniture, going for the perfect draperies and deciding on the most appropriate adornments. Talking about bedroom furniture, it needs to be chosen with great care, keeping in mind the overall home Decor, the particular look that you want for your room, the color of your walls and your budget. At the same time, it needs to impart a cozy ambience to your bedroom.

Bedroom Furniture Buying Tips

Size Of The Bedroom
Before buying furniture for your bedroom, you first need to keep in mind the size of your room. If you put too many or too big furniture items in a small room, you will be left with no walking space and the room will look cluttered. On the other hand, having too few furniture items in a big room will give it an incomplete look. While bed, chairs, dressing table and side table are a must, their size as well as the possibility of putting in more furniture will depend on the length and the width of your bedroom.

Stick To Need, Not Want
While deciding on the type, quantity as well as the size of your bedroom furniture; keep in mind your needs and not desires. You might want to buy the bed that you saw in a furniture store the other day, mainly because of its looks, but if it doesn't fulfill your requirements, say of storage, it is better to skip it altogether. In other words, if a simple five drawer chest suits your budget and room size, it is advisable not to go for a double Queen Anne dresser.

The Users
While buying bedroom furniture, keep in mind the kind of people who would be using it. If you want furniture for your mind, going for Brazilian rosewood, which looks impressive and also proves durable, is a great idea. However, in case the furniture is meant for your little kid's room, it is advisable to go for something that is inexpensive, easy-to-replace and not at all delicate.

Quality Matters More
Whenever you go out to buy bedroom furniture, keep in mind that quality matters more than quantity. Furniture is not something that you would want to change every other month (unless and until you are a billionaire). If you want to pass on your bedroom furniture to your children, or even grandchildren, go for something that, although a bit expensive, is durable and will last a long time. In other words, rather than veneers, buy furniture with dovetail edges and real hardwood finishes.

Some More Tips
  • While shopping for bedroom furniture, place a higher importance to comfort than anything else. Remember, you will be spending a major part of your day, and night, in there.
  • Give due importance to fine craftsmanship, as it will ensure durability of your furniture and help you save unnecessary repair expenses.
Antique Bedroom Furniture Buying Tips
Bedrooms are usually close to the heart of people because it is the place where we spent most of the relaxing time each day. In the changing times, people like the concept of alterations in Decor which definitely affects the mood and environment of home. And antique furniture is the part of this existing trend.

Casual Bedroom Furniture: Things to Look Out For
Following a particular theme, you make yourself bounded with Decor, colors, furniture, furnishings, etc. But if you want to follow your heart; make your bedroom your own personal space, which is cozy and comfortable. The term "casual" refers to comfort. So, a casual bedroom must be absolutely comfortable.

Choosing Kids’ Bedroom Furniture
Kids with their ever-growing minds learn faster than we ever can imagine. Thus, it will be a good idea to decorate your child's room to inspire his/her creativity. While planning to decorate your kid's room, make sure that it should be safe, bright and beautiful to encourage creativity in him.

Things to Consider While Buying Country Bedroom Furniture
In the horde of theme-based room Decor, Country style bedroom has its own dominion. Though prevalent in old days, county style furniture is still loved by many people and in fact, it imparts a very serene look to the place. And definitely, bedroom should reflect serenity as it is the place where you want to settle down after a hectic day.

Benefit of Custom Bedroom Furniture
If you are bored of ordinary bedroom furniture, or if you are not able to find one that matches the room of your dreams and style, custom bedroom furniture can definitely make your dreams come true. Custom bedroom furniture is made on request to suit the specific needs of customers.

Master Bedroom Furniture Design and Placement Ideas
A master bedroom is the room used by the head of the family. It's usually more spacious than the other rooms of a house. Since this room is mostly used by couples, special attention should be given while designing a master bedroom. When it's about getting the right furniture of master bedroom, the most important thing that should be considered is comfort.

Mission Style Furniture for Bedroom
When it comes to furniture designing, even the modern designers usually refer the history to get some inspirational ideas. It is a result of their research that mission style is back again and its demand is increasing day by day. Mission style furniture gives a classic look to the bedroom.

Modern Bedroom Furniture
Where earlier people preferred more of classic look of Victorian beds, Modern furniture came as a respite for not-so-spacious rooms in contemporary times. Absolutely different from the heavy, dark wooded furniture, modern furniture is crisp and clean with simple lines.

Rustic Bedroom Furniture
In the changing times, some people are inclined towards modernity, while others are getting back to the aspect of simple living. And that's the reason for the increasing popularity of rustic furniture among people. Rustic furniture suggests either furniture handcrafted out of authentic materials, or furniture that appears handmade.

Teen Bedroom Furniture
Unlike other bedrooms, bedroom of teenagers are used in the most versatile manner. A teen room is not only used for sleeping, but also to study for late hours, spend time with friends and other such things. This room should be the reflection of your teen's personality.

Traditional Bedroom Furniture
Furniture, when defined, literally means the furnishings that make a room or any other area ready for occupancy. Since, in the entire house, bedroom is the place where you get the maximum rest and comfort, it becomes necessary to equip it with the right pieces of furniture.

Transitional Bedroom Furniture
Decorating your bedroom, the room that serves as your retreat in the entire house, is the best way to express your tastes, likes and dislikes as well as your personality. Furniture forms an important part of the overall Decor of your bedroom and needs to be selected with care.

Benefits and Features of Urban Bedroom Furniture
When it comes to bedroom furniture, what matters the most is choosing the style that suits your needs and personal taste, irrespective of whether it is urban, traditional or transitional. The bedroom style should be comfortable and peaceful. It will revitalize your body and mind in a perfect way.

Victorian Bedroom Furniture
The Victorian style furniture draws its influence from the Victoria era that brought us a style of furniture, which was highly decorative and elaborate. The Victorian style arose quite naturally in western society. Initially, they had a tendency to keep each room for a particular purpose.

Wicker Bedroom Furniture
Having a long and interesting history, Wicker is the one of the most widely used furniture. With so much of competition in furniture trends and styles, Wicker furniture has been successful in preserving its popularity. Made of synthetic, it is much cheaper and cost effective, than its counterparts.