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Some interesting ideas related to master bedroom furniture design and its placement.

Master Bedroom Furniture Design and Placement Ideas

A master bedroom is the room used by the head of the family. It's usually more spacious than the other rooms of a house. Since this room is mostly used by couples, special attention should be given while designing a master bedroom. When it's about getting the right furniture of master bedroom, the most important thing that should be considered is comfort. The bedroom furniture generally includes a double bed, side tables, wardrobe, writing table and dressing table. If you have more area and according to your preference, you can also include sofa set, a small bar, etc. With different styles of furniture available in the market like traditional, wicker, contemporary, mission, Victorian, etc, you can choose anyone that suits your definition of comfort & style. Besides furniture, don't forget to add right lighting to give that romantic zing to your master bedroom.

King-Size Bed
Mostly people prefer to have king or queen-sized bed with some dressers in the master bedroom. The palatial bed must be made of hardwood, which would actually impart it a classical look. However, according to your choice, you can select a bed made of metal also. It's the room where husband and wife spend their private time together, so the bed should be comfortable enough. Now days, market is flooded with beds available in various styles, shapes and materials, to cater to the varying needs of customers. You can choose any one of them depending on your choice & need.

Elegant Dresser
A dresser is the important furniture after bed in the master bedroom. The commonly practiced norm of the master bedroom is to place an elegant dresser on the left side of the bed. You can select a dresser from a modern to a Victorian-style, depending on the theme of the bedroom. It is generally recommended that the dresser should match in the style with bed as it will give your room much attractive look. Make sure that the dressers, you have selected, have enough space for storage as it is always good if beauty & utility goes side by side.

Other Furniture
Chest is almost must for the master bedroom furnishing. Bedroom Decor is simply incomplete without the nightstand & mirrors. Night stand usually consists of one or two drawers and is placed by the side of the bed. Decorative mirrors are mostly placed over the dresser. According to the theme of the master bedroom, pick up different pieces of furniture that maintain harmony. Make sure not to place furniture in such a way that its beauty is destroyed. Proper setting and placement of furniture can make a big difference in the beauty of your room. Subsequently, you can always put paintings and wall hangings, complimenting you room's furniture and your taste.