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Mission style furniture gives a classic look to the bedroom.

Mission Style Furniture for Bedroom

When it comes to furniture designing, even the modern designers usually refer the history to get some inspirational ideas. It is a result of their research that mission style is back again and its demand is increasing day by day. Mission style furniture gives a classic look to the bedroom. Its simplicity and style is something that is appreciated the most, by people. Talking about bedroom, it is the place where you want to be simply what you are, and originally, every one of us is very simple in reality. The style, which we show to the outside world, is an outer layer which is just to show off. Thus, your bedroom should be simple just like you where you could find your inner self. Mission style furniture is based on the philosophy that beauty does not require much of ornamentation.

History of Mission Style Furniture
Mission style furniture dates back to the simpler times of late 1900's. Founded in California, this simplistic furniture was totally different from the ornately carved Victorian items. It was made in dark and heavy oak, and was simple in design. Straight lines and rectangles were the main shapes which were usually seen in the mission furniture. According to the past stories, a congregation at a church in San Francisco needed furniture but they didn't have enough money to buy it. So they used their carpentry skills to make pieces of furniture & took idea from the designs of the furniture that had been created by American Indians for the mission stations in Mexico. This is the history of mission furniture & its name.

Simple In Style
While talking about mission style furniture for bedroom, the first thing that comes into mind is the simple straight lines. It is generally designed in practical and simple style. The most commonly used material in mission style furniture is the fumed oak. In almost every home at least one piece of mission furniture is generally seen. More and more people, today, prefer & appreciate the quality and functionality of mission style furniture. The masterpiece of mission theme bedroom is the Morris chair, the updated version of which can be found in the bedrooms of many homes.

Types Of Mission Furniture For Bedroom
While buying mission bedroom furniture, you have to consider for the bed which should be of king or queen size. Now you can easily choose other pieces, such as, dresser, chests, small sitter or sofa set, and wardrobes. Make sure that each piece of furniture should look similar and not look awkward in the room. The furniture should match in color, design and style. It is recommended to buy the complete mission bedroom set at same time from one place. But if it is not affordable to buy all at once, what you have to do is to keep the design of your previous furniture in your mind before buying the new one for the same room. If same colors or style is difficult to find, you can make the combination of good contrast in colors & style which match in some way or other, but should not look awkward.