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This article guides you with home decoration and room Decor ideas and provides you tip and idea for interior decoration and design. Here is an example of bed room Decor with a masculine feel too.

Dorm Room Décor Ideas & Tips

Iron BedWhen we enter into someone's bedroom, the first thing that catches our attention is, undoubtedly, the bed. In fact, it is the focus of the bedroom.
Wooden FlooringWhile decorating a house, bedroom is amongst the rooms in which we undertake the maximum efforts. You might cover the ceiling with attractive

Bedroom FurnitureWe spend about one-third of our life in our bedrooms. It is the place where we sleep at night & the place where we get up in the morning.

Bedroom MattressMattress forms an important constituent of a bedroom. It plays a vital role in providing proper comfort and sound sleep to a person

Kitchen RemodelingPlanning, remodeling and designing a kitchen includes taking a few decisions that will help you to get a better deal where
Kitchen CurtainWhen it comes to kitchen Decor, curtains play a major role in accentuating the kitchen. Thus, the selection of kitchen curtains

Kitchen SinksWhen it comes to kitchen decor, sink has a major role to play in accentuating the charm of your kitchen. On a daily basis

Kitchen LightingWhenever the talk is about decorating the kitchen, one of the aspects that most of the people tend to overlook comprises of the lighting.

Kitchen TilesTiles form a very important part of the kitchen Decor, making or marring it completely. One of their best aspects is that they are available in small size

Kitchen IslandWhen it comes to kitchen, there are three major issues that bother people these days - space and style. They want to make optimum

Every room needs to be decorated, keeping three things in mind:
  • Harmony of all the Decor ideas that are to be used in the room to create a perfect visual and aesthetic balance;
  • Its functionality and uses; and
  • The mood, vibrancy and energy level of the setting that you want in the room.
The style to be followed, furniture to be kept in the room, storage area and cabinet design in the room, furniture and furnishings of the room and layout and seating arrangement of the room, all are decided upon and judged according to the above said three principles. We will take examples of a room and analyze on its Decor using the three basic principles of room Decor stated above.

Master Bedroom With A Masculine Feel

Functionalities Decided Upon:

  • Quiet retreat for complete relaxation and sleep,
  • Comfortable reading area, and
  • Romantic enough for couples.
Things That Can Help You To Achieve The Above:
  • Window to provide natural light and proper ventilation of air,
  • A pair of bedside lamps to supplement the light to allow for reading in bed,
  • Bookshelves behind the headboard to keep books and family photos.
  • A bench, low dresser or a hope chest at the foot of the bed not only adds the style to the bed but also is quite functional. Sprinkle rose petals on it for instant romantic makeover of the bedroom or keep a laptop computer on it to keep in touch with your office and lady love at the same time or even drop the robe or lap blanket on it while changing clothes.
Mood of The Room:
  • Masculine,
  • Restful,
  • Modern, and
  • Demure.
Accessories That Can Help You To Achieve The Above:
  • Leather headboard in a dark solid color that darkens the room,
  • Using simple solid neutral colors for the sedate mood, and
  • Plain sisal carpet in a light color to brighten up the room a little.
To achieve harmony:
  • Avoid all clutter and useless products in the room.
  • Neutrals make the room look demure and restful at the same time working as the unification factor, though you can use some accents in bright colors such as red and green for dramatic touches but subdued to the level that they don't disrupt the harmony.
  • Classic furniture and contemporary furnishing work well for the room as frills make it look feminine.