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To lend a warm feeling to your kitchen, country style Decor theme is just apt. Check out the country style kitchen design.

Country Kitchen Design and Layout Ideas

If you want to lend a warm, pleasant and inviting feeling to your kitchen, then decorating it in the country style will be the perfect option. Based on the concept of , this type of kitchen Decor is great to look at and easy to maintain. In fact, in the contemporary times, more and more people are resorting to country style kitchen design, mainly because of the welcoming appeal that it holds. Right from the early morning tea to the late night coffee, you would want to have almost everything inside the kitchen itself, reveling in its warmth and comfort.

Planning Country Style Decor

One of the first things that you need to keep in mind, while designing a country style kitchen, comprises of colors for the walls as well as the ceiling. Apart from the usual earth tones, like browns and tans, you can go for the subtle shades of green, red, pink, purple and blue. You can also use grey, black and white, though in moderation. Patterned wallpaper, with a country print, and solid colors, with country themed wallpaper border, are some other options for you.

As far as the flooring of a country style kitchen is concerned, the best options would comprise of natural wood, flagstone and tiles. You can also go in for laminate flooring. In case you have some other type of flooring and cannot afford to change it, then adding country style area rugs or old fashioned braided rugs is a good option. If possible, get themed country rugs, adorned by sunflowers or roosters.

Storage Space
In a country kitchen Decor, no additional storage space is provided; rather it is built-in, as a part of the overall Decor. Get wooden cabinets with a glass door, so that you are able to show off the country Decor items. An old fashioned, wooden corner cabinet, hutch, or baker's cabinet are some other spaces that you can use for storage purposes. For keeping small items, keep rustic looking baskets at strategic points, throughout the kitchen.

Incorporating wicker furniture, as in the furniture made from natural wood or fiber, in your country style kitchen is a good idea. You can also go for an old fashioned bench or rocking chair. For antique looking furniture, with the worn out look, try to visit the local yard sales. If you don't want to replace your existing furniture, then check out some new slip covers, in floral or other country motifs.

Displaying Collectibles
One of the best things about a country style kitchen is that you need not buy new items to decorate them. Old quilts, colorful pottery, and old crocks and bowls will serve as the perfect adornments for such a kitchen. In fact all the country memorabilia that you've collected over the years will go a long way in imparting the perfect country look to your kitchen.

Be it the country Decor or the modern Decor, accessories go a long way in adding to the charm of a room, including the kitchen. In your country style kitchen, use lots of accessories, each of which reflects your personal taste and identity. For instance, you can hang family pictures, in wooden photo frame, over the walls, or cover the windows with silky lace curtains.

  • To get the feel and look of a country Decor to your kitchen, add some accents. Blooming flowers, lush green plants, fresh fruits and vegetables are some of the items that you can use for the purpose.