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Kitchen cabinets are like the soul of the kitchen. If you are thinking of getting new cabinets for your kitchen, here are some innovative ideas and trends in kitchen cabinets.

Kitchen Cabinet Design Ideas & Trends

With the changing times, kitchens have started to become more and more prominent part of the household. Kitchens are not only restricted to cooking, but now kitchens have taken a new role of social gathering areas. Gone are the days when kitchens were in the corner of the house, restricted only to cooking and preparation. These days, kitchens hustle-bustle with gatherings, dinners and drinks. This is the predominant reason why people these days go for bigger sized kitchens and a proper living room styled décor; same reason why kitchen islands have also become an integral part of the kitchens. A kitchen island serves the purpose of storage, cooking and preparation area, dining space and drinks station, all in one. All you really have to do is put bar stools around your kitchen island and this can be an area where you can serve appetizers and drinks here. With this neo-concept of kitchens and beautiful additions in the décor, the efficiency of the kitchen does not take a back seat. Because, matter of the fact remains that kitchens needs to be functional and efficient. If it is a beautiful kitchen, an architectural marvel, it would not matter to you or bring any satisfaction to you if it does not perform its basic functions properly. You certainly do not want to feel like that. You have to make sure that the important components of the kitchen are well-adequate. These basic and important components are, for example, the counter-top, kitchen island, kitchen sink and kitchen cabinets. Without a proper functioning of these crucial parts of the kitchen, a kitchen is not complete. Functional and efficient kitchen cabinets are imperative to any kitchen. Kitchen cabinets are the primary source of storage and a kitchen needs a good amount of storage, with an easy accessibility to it. Kitchen cabinets also have a wonderful contribution in the kitchen; it changes the whole look of the kitchen. It adds, greatly, to the style and beauty of the kitchen. It has a prominent impact on the aesthetics of the kitchen. With properly constructed cabinets in the kitchen, you can have a hassle free cooking and be able to enjoy your kitchen. Here are some ideas on kitchen cabinet designs and trends:

Popular Designs & Trends In Kitchen Cabinets
  • Base cabinets are n popular demand these days. More and more people are opting for it, because it increases the storage capacity of the kitchen and is much easier to access. Instead of having too many little upper cabinets, it is more reasonable to have a set of huge base cabinet drawers and fit in your crockery and utensils of daily use in it. You can get these custom-made according to your needs. If you need more space to store then you can get deep base cabinets, depending on the size and weight of the stuff in-particular, which you need to store. If you plan to store heavy material in these base drawers, then it is advisable to get sturdy rollers and gliders for it. You can stack plates in it and not incessantly worry about them falling off, unlike in the upper cabinets. Another big advantage of having base cabinets is that you do not need to bend too much to get stuff from these cabinets, the cabinet slides to you. You can get plate racks and interchangeable rails to organize your base cabinets.
  • There is another trend quite catching up in the kitchen décor market, its called roll out trays. Instead of having proper drawers, you can have shelves sliding out. It gives you a lot of storage space and you can store bulky cooking pots and large sauce pans in it. You have got a choice to either get it made with wood, which is sturdy and reliable, or get it constructed with heavy-duty plastic or chrome-plated steel. It is favorable to have these trays near the cooking and preparation area, so that you can access it easily while cooking.
  • You can have cabinets fixed with chrome-plated gallery rails. It slides easily into the regular cabinets, making it more efficient, organized and spacious.  These rails are quite strong for the storage of bulky items and machinery used in the kitchen.
  • Those days are gone when it was an architectural quest as to what to do with the corner storage spaces in the kitchen. The major problem with these cabinets is that, it needs to be constructed due to the architectural design, but it is difficult to access and without any proper storage space. Architectures have come up with a solution for this; these corner storage spaces can be converted into blind corner cabinets. These cabinets have slide for easy accessibility and a non-slip mat to keep a good hold on the utensils stored in it.
  • You can also have pull-out pantries for tidier look and easy access, instead of having a proper in-built space for it.
  • For an organized storage, there is a concept of cutlery drawer. This will keep your cutlery in order, as the cutleries can easily be lost in the kitchen. You can keep this drawer near the dishwasher or the kitchen sink, so that right after dish-washing you can shove the cutlery in the drawer.
  • Remember how the fine china and other pretty small-buys were put on the show in the glass cabinets, in the kitchen.  Now, you can get a separate open cabinet for it and place it aesthetically in your kitchen. This change is the result of kitchens turning into social areas of the house.
  • There is also a new trend in the kitchen cabinets to hide the kitchen appliances behind panels that match cabinet doors. This gives the kitchen a much organized look and the maintenance of these appliances also becomes an easy chore. It saves a lot space in the kitchen as well.