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Kitchen cabinet knobs are little jewels of the kitchen. Without it, a kitchen can look dull and un-tasteful. Here in this article, you will find some ideas on designs and types of kitchen cabinet knobs.

Designs & Types Of Kitchen Cabinet Knobs

The aesthetic beauty and functionality of the kitchen cabinets is undeniable. It is impossible to think of a kitchen without the cabinets. Generally when people think of getting their kitchens renovated, they spend more attention towards the cabinets for one simple reason, cabinets can change the whole look of your kitchen. The kind of style, theme or mood you want for your kitchen, you can achieve it by stylizing the cabinets like that. Cabinets are integral to kitchens for their use as well. Almost all of the storage in the kitchen is done in cabinets. The lack of spacious and organized cabinets leads to a messy and cluttered kitchen. When renovating or redecorating the kitchen, kitchen cabinets takes up a lot of budget, as it covers up a lot of area of the kitchen and also there is effort and hard work involved in its construction, installment and decoration. People usually compromise on the budget part and re-do the old cabinets by either painting it or changing its texture. While purchasing or re-doing the kitchen cabinets, texture and paint are not the only factors to be taken into consideration. There is another aspect of the cabinets which is as important: kitchen cabinet hardware. Cabinet hardware includes: cabinet knobs and pulls, cabinet back plates, hinges, door catches and drawer slides. The fancy version of the cabinet hardware, especially the ones that are visible from the outside of the kitchen cabinets, changes the complete look of the cabinets and subsequently, the kitchen. The kitchen cabinet knobs may seem like a small part of the kitchen, but its contribution in the décor of the kitchen is brilliant. If you have decorated your kitchen beautifully, with top-notch appliances and exquisite material and you get an ill-matching knobs for your kitchen cabinets, it can mar the whole look and all you effort will go into waste. All of the attention, at all times will go to the mismatched knobs. In the same way, if you get beautiful, properly matched knobs for your cabinets, the kind that matches the color and texture of the cabinets and all of the other elements of the kitchen¸ it will tremendously contribute to the beauty of the décor. Rightly so, kitchen cabinet knobs are called the jewelry f the kitchen. It is always a good idea to choose the kitchen cabinet knobs while shopping for other significant things for your kitchen. To leave it for the end moment might lead to picking up of wrong knobs. There are different types of knobs available in the market, to suit your needs and match various colors and textures in cabinets, and also different themes of the kitchen décor.

Variety in Kitchen Cabinet Knobs
  • Nickel Or Steel Knobs: This style in kitchen cabinet knobs is timeless. It usually goes with minimalist texture and singular colors on the cabinets. It adds a retro touch to the cabinets. It can go very well with both traditional style and contemporary style kitchen.
  • Glass Or Ceramic Knobs: For a classic, Victorian-era look, you should go for glass or ceramic knobs. There is something vintage about these, which makes it compatible with traditional-style kitchen, like: country-side or rustic, etc. These come in glossy white material, porcelain and can be chosen from the options of transparent, colored or opaque. It goes very well with the stained finished cabinets.
  • Plain Cabinet Knobs: These knobs come in different colors and shapes, but the popular shapes are square and round. These types of knobs match with neo-contemporary themes. But antiques finishes in these knobs, makes them fit for rustic or traditional-style kitchens.
  • Ornate Cabinet Knobs: These knobs are the most diverse sort of knobs and as the name suggests, these are elaborate knobs with the delicate work of vine motifs or some other kind of intricate craftsmanship. It gives the kitchen a classical feel and a luxurious style.
  • Decorative Cabinet Knobs: These knobs are little pieces of art work. These have specific work done on them. The knobs with a personality, like a knob with a shape of an animal or sun or moon, are called decorative cabinet knobs. These knobs go along well with a specified kitchen theme and should be used when you are sure of its relevance in the overall kitchen décor.
  • Elongated Cabinet Knobs: When it comes to comfort-ability rather than beauty, people unusually opt of handles or pulls. Pulls are easier to use than the knobs. It is because you can have a better grip on the pull than a knob. Although cabinet handles or pulls are more complicatedly installed than kitchen cabinet knobs. Elongated cabinet knobs have the look of a knob but comfort of the pull. It is easy to get hold of and can be matched with any kitchen theme, depending of the color or finish of the knob.