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Why pay a fortune to get a new kitchen cabinet when you can reface the old one and get a brand new look for your kitchen. Below is a brief information on kitchen cabinet refacing and innovative ideas and trends to follow.

Kitchen Cabinet Refacing Ideas & Trends

If even once the thought of renovating your kitchen has crossed your mind, then it probably is time to renovate it. Kitchens go through a lot of wear and tear; it is the messiest and busiest part of the kitchen, it is obvious that it would need your attention periodically. Although you do not have to do a lot of tearing down; whatever you think is still in shape, you should keep it and focus more on the problematic areas. In fact, you can only reface your kitchen cabinets and your kitchen is guaranteed to look brand new. You will be surprised to see what a texture change for your cabinets or new set of knobs can do for your kitchen’s look. You do not necessarily have to tear down the whole structure of your cabinets if it is still in good condition. If you’re happy with the shape, capacity and condition of your cabinets and it is not un-repairable or damaged by moisture or pests, then all you need is refacing or resurfacing for your cabinets. In refacing of the kitchen cabinets the basic structure remains intact, which means that you retain the boxes and change everything else. It is far more economical than re-building the kitchen cabinet. Not just the money, it saves you a lot of time and mess. You can either hire a professional for this task or reface the kitchen cabinets yourself, if you have a knack for wood work and construction. You do not even have to live without your kitchen for the whole time when your cabinets are getting re-fixed; with refacing, you can use the kitchen side by side. The process of refacing kitchen cabinets also adds more life to your existing cabinet structure, as it is repaired and wood work repainted. It is also an eco-friendly process as you are recycling the old wood by keep the structure. In the process of kitchen cabinet refacing, all you are really doing is changing the doors, fixing new veneers and choosing new hardware for your kitchen cabinets. You can choose a particular style for your kitchen, set up a theme in your mind and get the material for your cabinets and it accessories according to that theme. Kitchen cabinets and the rest of the kitchen décor should always be in harmony. Here are some basic ideas and trends, followed in kitchen cabinets refacing.

Kitchen Cabinet Refacing
  • Kitchen cabinet refacing is a much simpler concept that re-installing new cabinets. It does not cost as much, nor it is an extensive process.
  • Although, kitchen cabinet refacing is not for every kitchen because of the unhinging and repairing involved it in, but most of the kitchens can handle it. If your kitchen has a poor lay-out or is in a very bad condition, then refacing of the cabinets might not be possible. Also, in a tightly spaced kitchen, refacing might be difficult.
  • The popular trend in kitchen cabinet refacing is keeping it simple and minimalist. If you go for elaborate designs and borders then it might become an expensive ordeal and will involve a lot of time and craftsmanship. If that is your idea for a new cabinet in your kitchen then you should opt to purchase a new set, instead of refacing it.
  • Keeping it simple does not mean that you can not introduce some innovative trends in your kitchen. You should go for roll out trays, chrome-plated gallery rails, etc. These structures can be easily fixed inside your existing cabinets. These are an easy solution to a disorganized and a messy kitchen. You will have more space and tools to organize your utensils and crockery with these new cabinet features. You can get them custom-made according to your needs. 
  • You can concentrate more on the lower base cabinets than the upper ones, for its sheer accessibility. You can convert your lower base cabinets into big and deep drawers, so that it has more storage capacity and is easy to handle and access. These gliding drawers are quite in trend. The best thing about this is, you do not have to bend too much to take out or put in stuff, these drawers come sliding out.
  • Another trend in the kitchen cabinet refacing is the antique texture on the doors. This looks beautiful and goes very well with the traditional set up of the kitchen. It also gels well with semi-contemporary kitchen décor theme.  It as easy process, you can do it yourself as absolutely no expertise is required. All you have to do is paint your cabinets with stained finish and sand out the paint or finish from some places on the cabinet. This will give a fine textured, vintage look to your kitchen cabinets.
  • Elaborately designed or finely worked knobs for kitchen cabinets are in much demand. You can give your kitchen cabinets a minimalist, contemporary look and bejewel it with an exquisite door knob. Its worth investing in the knobs, for it can change the whole look of the kitchen and accentuate the basic texture and design of your kitchen cabinet.