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Glass knobs for kitchen cabinet are increasingly gaining popularity. Read about the kitchen cabinet glass knobs.

Ideas for Choosing Glass Knobs for Kitchen Cabinet

More homeowners are resorting to glass knobs for their kitchen cabinets, because it is a small way to create a drastic change in the Decor. You can give a fresh new look to your kitchen, without a complete remodel, by changing the old knobs of the cabinets and replacing them with glass knobs. Manufacturers have recognized the increasing popularity of glass knobs among to the consumers. Therefore, they have widened their selections for the same. Today, you can get a wide variety of glass knobs, from the simple, attractive, inexpensive to the costly ones. Read on to know more about glass knobs for kitchen Decor.

Most of the glass knobs for kitchen cabinets are made of borosilicate glass. Borosilicate glass score on their durability, and that is why, they are widely used in making baking dishes and research laboratory items. Moreover, they are scratch resistant, which makes them one of the best options for the kitchen cabinet knobs. You can find them in a wide variety of colors and shapes, in almost all hardware retail stores. As far as the shape of the glass knobs is concerned, you should opt for a one that matches the cabinets of your kitchen.

Typically, glass cabinet knobs are available with a center pin, a 1 ½ inch screw, a rubber 'O' ring and a rubber washer. The installation process of the glass knobs is very easy, because they require almost no tools. Moreover, they can be installed by a non-professional, quite effortlessly. However, to get the work done in the best way and to assure that the glass knobs are secured on to the cabinets tightly, it is better to get the work done by a cabinet manufacturer. That way, you will ensure that the glass knobs have added elegance and character to your kitchen.

One of the main things to consider, while purchasing glass knobs for your kitchen cabinets, is to check the return and exchange policy of the hardware store. Generally, most of the hardware stores readily accept unused glass knobs, provided they are returned within the designated time, say, the warranty period (if any). If you are going to deliver the unused, but damaged glass knob by hand, you will probably have to spend nothing. On the other hand, if you are going to ship the glass knob in return of money or replacement for the same, you may have to pay the shipping costs, because they are not refundable. Some hardware stores may deduct the restocking fees, before refunding you the money.

Antique glass knobs for kitchen cabinets are in vogue since quite a long time. You can get such a glass knob with chrome plated machine screw that slides through it. The glass knob is secured by a chrome plated nut. The hardware looks attractive for a traditional kitchen Decor. That way, you will be able to bring back the charm of the old fashion kitchen. Glass knobs used in the older times were made of amber or clear glass. Today, apart from the crystal clear glass knobs, you can find them in a wide variety of vibrant colors.