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Cafe curtain is one of the hottest selling styles in curtains. Check out information on the cafe kitchen curtain.

Cafe Curtains for Kitchen

Cafe curtains, as the name suggests, are hung from the windows in cafes. The curtains are used to screen the lower part of the window, to provide privacy. With the changing time, the cafe style curtains are gracing all sorts of windows, even those found in the kitchen. In fact, it is one of the best selling styles of curtains for the kitchen, because it allows light to enter the room (through its top opening) as well as spices up the decor.

If you want to bring in revitalizing energy to your kitchen and add a touch of flair to its Decor, then it will be wise to adorn the windows with cafe curtains. They are available in colors and styles, suitable for any kind of interiors - from the traditional to the contemporary ones. This makes it a confusing task to choose from the wide variety of curtains. Here we are to help you with some tips for choosing cafe curtains for your kitchen.

Kitchen Cafe Curtain
  • Unlike the traditional curtains, which are hung from the top of the window, cafe curtains are half-curtains, hung from the center of the window.
  • For a traditional kitchen Decor, you may choose spring-loaded rods with simple finial. Brass rods are also apt for hanging cafe curtains. You may adorn the brass rods with table top treatments.
  • If you want more privacy for your kitchen, you may hang full-length curtain panels over the cafe curtains. Adorn the window with a cornice. Make sure that that cornice matches the cafe curtain, perfectly. That way, a beautiful layered effect will be revealed, every time you open the full-length curtain.
  • For a cottage style kitchen Decor, you may hang the cafe curtain from a wrought iron rod. Since this type of Decor is all about frugality, you may use a recycled quilt and cut it to fit the lower portion of the window. Adorn the window with a topper by sewing in a rod pocket. You may also make use of antique handkerchiefs for the curtain panels.
  • A fun way to hang cafe curtain from your kitchen's windows is to use a see-through tinted plastic made from a recycled shower curtain, or pieces of Plexiglas.
  • Stainless steel rod is the best bet for cafe curtains, if you have a modern Decor for your kitchen.
  • You can make use of decorative poles to hang cafe curtains in your kitchen. Curtain wires can also be used for the purpose.
  • To create the illusion of layers, position one cafe curtain at the top of the window, while the other halfway down the window. Make sure that the top one is shorter, so that light enters into the room.