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There is a fabulous variety of kitchen curtains in the market, differing in fabric. Read about the kitchen curtain fabric.

Kitchen Curtain Fabric

Changing the curtains is an easy and economical way to update the Decor of your kitchen. Many kinds of fabrics for curtain are available in the market, ranging from the pure natural fabrics to the manmade ones. You can also get a blend of synthetic and natural fabrics. Depending upon the Decor of your kitchen, requirement of light and ventilation, you may choose different kinds of fabrics for your curtains. Here we are to help you with some nice ideas on choosing fabrics for kitchen curtains.

Fabric For Kitchen Curtain
  • When it comes to fabrics for curtains, cotton stands out from the crowd. The versatile natural fabric is used for the majority of curtains. Curtains made of cotton are available in various thickness (of the fiber), to suit different needs of the customer. For instance, if you want to make your kitchen airy and well-illuminated, you may opt for lightweight cotton curtains.
  • Apart from pure cotton, a blend of cotton with nylon and other synthetic fabrics are stacked in the market.
  • Linen is nearest to cotton, in terms of popularity and functionality. Linen, the fabric made from the spun fibers of flax, scores on for its durability. Hence, it is the best bet for curtains for your kitchen.
  • Silk is another natural fabric for curtain. If you want to give an elegant touch to the Decor of the kitchen, go for silk curtains. A similar option is satin.
  • Light is a decisive factor in choosing the fabric for the curtains. Decide the amount of natural light you want to permit, through the windows. If you want to make the kitchen bright, then you should opt for light and airy fabrics, such as cotton, for the curtains. Laced curtains are also good option, because they allow maximum amount of light to pass through them.
  • The kitchen Decor will also decide the fabric for the curtains. For instance, if the interiors of the kitchen are decorated according to the contemporary style, then the fabric best suited for the curtains will be gossamer, neutral burlap, cheesecloth or muslin. These fabrics provide an unpretentious appeal to the kitchen.
  • On the other hand, if you have adopted the country style decoration for your kitchen, then going for fabrics such as standard denim will be a nice idea. Denim fabric will provide the much desired coziness to the country kitchen Decor.
  • Fabrics with intricate design are best suited for the traditional kitchen Decor. Make use of stylish chintz, as the fabric for the curtains, to create a dramatic effect.
  • Manmade micro fibers are the best bet for a tropical theme. You may opt for jacquard polyesters, with animal prints, for the curtains. Rayon is also a good option for the curtains.
  • A blend of natural fabrics and synthetics, Tuscan is a fabric best suited for any type of kitchen Decor. They are also available by blending wool, silk, cashmere, velvet with vibrant manmade fabrics. Tuscan are easy to care and maintain, which makes them one of the popular choices by many house owners.