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There are many kinds of designs and styles available in the market for kitchen windows. Here in this article, we are discussing some of these kitchen window curtain designs.

Unique Ideas For Kitchen Window Curtain Designs

Kitchen curtains play a significant role in the décor of the kitchen. If you are looking for remodeling your kitchen, then changing your kitchen curtains is bound to bring a noticeable change. Whether it is the fine, intricate embroidery on the linen or bright border on a cotton curtain, every little detail adds to the beauty of your kitchen décor. It is crucial that your kitchen curtains match the over-all décor of your kitchen. It should either merge with the uniform design of the kitchen or stand out, whatever role your want your kitchen curtain to play in the interior decoration of your kitchen, make sure it all goes in harmony. It might seem like a little part of the kitchen but, it has the capacity to either spoil the whole look of your kitchen or add more beauty to it. While choosing a curtain for your kitchen, you should remember that the purpose of a kitchen curtain is not only to enhance the show of the kitchen but also serve practical purposes. In choosing the right kitchen curtain, a lot of factors should be taken into consideration, like: Design, texture, color, durability, maintenance, etc. To have a perfect curtain for your kitchen, you need to understand the basic theme of your kitchen properly. You can not put a strikingly different curtain in your kitchen. Harmony is an important aspect of the décor. You also have to have an understanding of the purpose of a curtain in your kitchen. If you want more sunlight in your kitchen, then sheer kitchen curtain is the best bet for you, if you want a cozy or warm look in your kitchen and want to give it a character, then going for darker curtains in heavier materials would be ideal. You would also have to keep in mind the durability and maintenance of the kitchen curtain. You can not buy a curtain that needs more care and attention, in the kitchen as kitchens are the busiest and are likely to be the messiest places in a house. Designs of the kitchen curtains depends on what you want your kitchen to look like, for example, if your kitchen in small and tight and you want to give it a more spacious look, then you will have to go for a light colored and fine textured design. There are plenty of different ideas available for kitchen window curtains, here are some of them:

Novel Ideas For Kitchen Window Curtains

Café Curtains: These types of curtains are hung on the lower part of the window. This is used in the kitchens where plenty of sunlight is required but to have a decent privacy is also an important factor. Generally these curtains are light in color and made up of fine material, to allow maximum sunshine to seep in. You can make these look attractive by having soft patterns or embroidery on it. These types of curtains do not have the feature to be moved or drawn much.

Sheer Kitchen Curtains: These types of curtains provide a soft and classy look to your kitchen. If your kitchen is designed in a country style, then this is the best option amongst kitchen windows. It gives a look of the old-traditional style of décor. These allow a good amount of sunlight to enter in the kitchen and cut the glare. It also helps in keeping the kitchen airy and cool. You can easily maintain these curtains, they are washable and durable.

Partial Kitchen Curtains: You can have blinds on your kitchen window that will act as partial curtains and maneuver the intensity of light entering into your kitchen. You can add full, proper curtains to it so that you still have the option of absolute privacy, whenever you like.

Mix And Match: If you have more than two windows in your kitchen, then you can opt for the option of mix and match. You can have kitchen curtains in same material but with contrasting colors. This will give a colorful and happy feel to your kitchen.

Full Length: It is unusual to have full length curtains in the kitchen. But some kitchens have wall size windows or sliding glass doors instead of windows; on such windows or doors, you can have full length curtains. To avoid giving the source of light, your window or door, a bulky look, use light colored full length curtains.

Lace Kitchen Curtains: Lace gives the look of delicacy. This can be used in the kitchen with delicate furnishing and colors. It makes the kitchen look feminine and chic. This design has been in practice even before the Victorian era started and is more popular in England and Europe, where kitchens are small and cozy. If your kitchen is small sized, uncluttered and has a traditional set-up, then the lace curtains would be perfect to add up to the domestic look.

Matching: To give your kitchen a quirky look, you can get your curtains custom-made and match them exactly with the crockery or wall tile design. Generally floral prints look exquisite in this design. This would look gorgeous and will go well along with the domestic look of a kitchen.

Roman Shades: These can be raised up and rolled at the top whenever there is more need of the light in the kitchen. When they are rolled up, they give the look of a valance. These are more convenient to maneuver than the usual curtains; if they are made up of water and stain resistant material, their durability becomes excellent.

Relaxed Roman Shades: These have more informal and casual look to them as compared to the Roman shades. These are lined with thick lining to protect the actual fabric of the shades from the stains and water. These give looser and softer look to your kitchen décor, unlike the classic Roman shades.

Valance: If privacy is not the top most priority for your kitchen, then valance can a wonderful kitchen décor for you. Valances only have decorative value, their function is purely beautification. It arches over the top of the kitchen window. With valances, a lot of sunshine and beauty in your kitchen is guaranteed.