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Get tips and ideas on kitchen furniture, furnishing and accessories in this article and the importance of wall clock in the kitchen.

Kitchen Furniture and Accessories Placement Ideas

Well, if you thought that kitchen is an insignificant area of the house and needs no styling, you are definitely in for a surprise? It is, on the other hand, the most utilized area of a house. One of the best ways to add style and grace to a kitchen is through furnishing and accessorizing it. Remember, right accessories and furniture can entirely transform your kitchen into the most pleasurable area of your home. However, you would realize that redecorating or revamping your kitchen requires lot of planning, beforehand. You can either style your kitchen in a traditional manner or go for a modular kitchen or high-end designer ones.

Right from major decisions, such as placement of refrigerator, kinds of counters and cabinets installed, to the smallest detailing, such as the kind of knobs, handles and hinges used, there are a lot of things you need to consider, when it comes to styling your kitchen. However, make sure that you keep in mind the overall Decor before assembling the furniture. The quantity, size and theme of the kitchen accessories must match with the Decor theme and space available. In the following lines, we have provided some ideas for furnishing and accessorizing your kitchen.

Kitchen Furniture and Accessories
  • Once you have decided on the color of your walls, placing of your refrigerator, counters and cabinets, categorize all your accessories by color, size or style and then choose them according the scale and visual balance.
  • Install the largest accessories first, keeping the aesthetic balance, right eye level, distance to the cooking area, and then move on to the smaller ones.
  • Wall clock is a must in the kitchen, whether you are a student, working person or a housewife, so that you can get done with cooking on time. It also helps to monitor your cooking better.
  • Designer range hoods do not only look trendy, but are also quite functional, when it comes to get rid of smoke and vapors.
  • Kitchen carts & worktables come in quite handy for a variety of things and can be moved or folded and slipped under the counter after use.
  • Pot racks and baker's racks are for those with advanced culinary skills.
  • Covered trashcans are a must in the kitchen to discard all those soda bottles and boxes.
  • Cabinet accessories, designer sinks, faucets, knobs and pulls lend a sophisticated look to the kitchen.
  • Stools and chairs that can be stacked on top of the other can be used and then stacked in the corner in a small kitchen.
  • Chopping blocks and countertops are a must, but you may also opt for wine racks.
  • Decorate your appliances too with beautiful decorative panels.
  • Stainless steel wall shelves and backsplash accessories are the latest trend in kitchen Decor.