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A kitchen island is a wonderful way to add character to your kitchen décor, while you get an extra storage and counter space. Here in this article, we will give you some easy ways to build a kitchen island for cheap.

How To Build A Kitchen Island For Cheap

If you feel that your kitchen does not have an extra storage space and you can not built any more cabinets, then a kitchen island is the solution to your problem. It is an architectural boon. Whoever invented the concept of kitchen islands was definitely struggling with the space in the kitchen. A kitchen island does not only add more storage space to the kitchen, but also adds a character to the whole décor. You have the liberty to choose a particular style for your kitchen island; your kitchen décor is contemporary then you can put a beautiful modern and sleek kitchen island, in the midst of your contemporary kitchen. Whereas, if your kitchen has a rustic and traditional look to it then you can put an authentic looking kitchen island in the centre. Kitchen islands give you more counter space as well, so it is up to use whether to use it as an extension of your kitchen slab and use it for cutting and cooking, or use it as a dinning space. You can easily use it as a dinning table if you put chairs around it. Young children enjoy this space quite a lot, because they can eat or do their homework or interact with their parents while their parents are cooking. If there are wheels on the bottom of your kitchen island then it will solve a multiple purposes for you. You can move it around anywhere you like, especially during get together-s and parties, when there is a lot of gathering of people. You can move the kitchen island and use it as a side counter, leaving more space for people to hang around. If you are re-modeling your kitchen, then do not forget to make it a part of the décor, not only for its benefits but also because of how it gives a unique look to your kitchen. And if you are not re-modeling and do not have any plans for it as well, and think that getting a kitchen island will cost you a fortune, then let us break your illusions about it. Building a kitchen counter is dirt cheap as compared to its benefits and beauty. It is up to you whether you want to take a small project and build a kitchen counter with ease and without spending much money, or you want to start an extensive project from the scratch. Here are some guidelines to build an easy-to-make, cheap kitchen island:
  • When you do not want to undertake the project from the scratch because of money and time restraint, or you do not have enough craftsmanship to build something from the beginning then, you can look for a perfect substitute for that. Get two matching stands for your kitchen island. It is very important to take care of the fact that it is matching and not uneven in height. This will save your time and you can utilize that time to do more creative stuff with your island. Not everyone has the tools and technique to do the wooden or metal work. It is alright to pick up someone else’s work and mould it to your desire and use. You need two long stands, approximately 30-36 inches in height. Both should be of the same height. You can use some old stands for this purpose or get one from someone’s yard sale. Do not worry if it looks old and worn out, you can always paint it new.
  • Now, your task is to fix the two stands together. It is up to your discretion, whether you want to glue it, screw it or clamp it together. It depends upon the kind of material these stands are made of. Now you a table top. For the top, you need to measure the top to the stand and take an exact cutting out of the plywood sheet. This will give a strong table top. Place it on the stand and check if it fits perfectly. You have to find a way to fix it properly on to the top of the table. Wood glue would be a good idea for a secure and stable table top for your stand.
  • You certainly do not just want a plywood table top for your kitchen island. It is not ideal for the cooking purposes. You should want another kitchen island top that you would like for your island. Linoleum is perhaps a good option, affordable as w4ell but there are other materials available in the market, durable and affordable, to choose from.
  • Now, because of the plywood top your kitchen island top is quite stable and secure but we the new top, you are only adding beauty t the kitchen island. You can beautify other parts of the island as well, like; you can cover the edges with the same product as used on the top and fix new handles on the drawers and cabinets. You can also fix the wheels on the base of it, to give it more freedom of mobility. Your beautiful and affordable kitchen island is ready to be put in the middle of the kitchen, an attractive and useful piece of art.