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You can choose from amongst the several kitchen island designs available in the market. Read about the kitchen island design.

Modern Kitchen Island Design Ideas

The Kitchen Island is no new concept. Though earlier it was used as a work table, where all the cooking activities were carried out, now it has become fashionable Kitchen furniture used for culinary activities as well as storage purpose. With time various designs and patterns of Kitchen Island have come in market. People even go for customized Kitchen Island according to their personal requirements. Read on to check out some available and popular kitchen island design ideas…

Kitchen Island Designs According To Size

Super Size
You can go for the biggest available size of Kitchen Island if you feel you have ample space. The size of super size varies between 40''-54" wide.

Large Islands
The large size Kitchen Islands are 30''-39" wide. They also require a good space for accommodation.

Mid-Size Carts
The mid-size carts are about 24''-29" wide. They are also available in portable format. They are best suited for normal size kitchen.

Compact Carts
Compact kitchen islands are about 18''-21" wide. They are small size kitchen carts used for smaller space accommodation.

Kitchen Island Designs According To Counter Top

Granite Top and Marble Top
Granite Tops and Marble Tops as their name indicates are made up of Granite and marble respectively, they are good for baking and rolling pastry dough.

Wooden top
Wooden Tops are comparatively lighter than the Granite Top and Marble Top. They are also called butcher-block countertop. Apart from this sometimes a counter top in stainless steel is also available.

Kitchen Island Designs According To Shape
Kitchen Islands are also available in various shapes. Apart from square and rectangle, the most popular style is the round Kitchen Island. Recently the triangle shape Kitchen Island also came up in demand. Before buying any shape, make sure any style you choose to pick, it should go well with the primary set up of your kitchen.

Kitchen Island Designs According To Portability

Fixed Kitchen Island
Fixed Kitchen Islands are the Kitchen Islands which are fixed at a particular place in the Kitchen. These kinds of Kitchen Islands are best suited for large size Kitchen.

Portable Kitchen Island
The portable Kitchen Islands are the mobile or takeaway kitchen generally fixed on wheels. You can move it easily from one place to another according to your own requirements. It is a good option for smaller and medium size kitchen.

Folding Kitchen Islands
With time, even the folding kitchen islands have been designed. These are best if you are an occasional user of Kitchen Islands and there is strict space constraint at your place. However, these are good options for camping.