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With the onset of modern architectural designs, kitchen islands are also modified into contemporary architectures. In this article, we will talk about different contemporary kitchen island design plans that you can integrate into your kitchen.

Contemporary Kitchen Island Design Plan

Recently, there has been a popular new development in the architectural set-up of the kitchens. People are going in, more and more, for the contemporary and the modern look of the kitchen. This neo-style kitchen has a lot to offer. Not only does it provide a beautiful look to your cooking space but, it also takes into consideration the concept of space and storage. It is designed n a way that storage and proper spacing between every part of the kitchen becomes the most important thing and the design and beauty is managed around it. In short, the main purpose of a kitchen, that is, to cook, store and eat is not compromised for style and design. This in-fact represents the contemporary idea in general, which gives more importance to the utility and space, not to just beauty and art. These kitchens are generally spacious, un-cluttered and easy to manage. Material used in building of the contemporary kitchens is usually minimalist but expensive. But if you are clever about it, then you can save a lot of money and still manage to build a modern kitchen. Your traditional kitchen can easily be re-modeled into a contemporary one.

In a contemporary kitchen décor, only a contemporary kitchen island will fit perfectly. A traditional kitchen island in the midst of your modern décor would look conflicting. The idea of a kitchen island in a contemporary kitchen changes from the general idea, it becomes more about space and capacity than just the look. ‘Looks’ have to be generated while focusing on the utility part. There are many different kinds of contemporary kitchen island designs to choose from. You just need to be clear of what sort of look do you want, holistically, for your kitchen. It is probably a good idea to get a kitchen island made side by side, while you are getting your kitchen made or remodeled. It would be beneficial to you in two major ways; your kitchen island will be in perfect harmony with the rest of your kitchen and also, you can use the same material as is used in the rest of the work in the kitchen. Here are some trendy contemporary kitchen island design plans:
  • There is an elegant kind with its sleek and ultra-modern look. It signifies the contemporary design in its full glory. Minimalist design, nothing really scattered or cluttered about it. The appliances like a bar-sink and the storage drawer is incorporated in it, so that everything looks compact and handy. 
  • A horseshoe-shaped kitchen island with a stone base counter top is a famous contemporary look these days. It is easy to maintain and its stone base is much easier to sweep and clean. You can place it in the facing direction to your kitchen, so that you can interact with the guests and the family while cooking.
  • You can make a creative piece of a kitchen island, by assembling random objects and unite it together with a wooden or stone counter on the top. This will give your kitchen a modern-rustic look. Money is not a big factor in this design; it solely depends on how creative you are and how far you can go to actualize that creativity. 
  • The main advantage of a kitchen island is its ability to channelise the traffic in the kitchen. It acts as a good diversion and a clear demarcation between the social area and working area in the kitchen. You can have a small circular kitchen island, instead of the popular horseshoe-shaped one. For such purpose you can get a combination of wooden base and a strong, stone based counter top.
  • You can also get an integrated appliances kitchen island. This kind has major kitchen appliances integrated into it, like: dishwasher, wash-basin, small fridge or a drawer-freezer, etc. This would mean a true utilization of the kitchen island space in the kitchen and like this, most of the kitchen traffic would be diverted to the island. You can also install gas stove on the counter top of the kitchen island and then all of your cooking, chopping, etc. will be done on the kitchen island. It will become your kitchen’s main area.
  • You can make your kitchen the main social area of your house by building a large and spacious kitchen island. This type of island will have a large number of seating and can also be converted into the eating area. As these days, cooking has become a spectator’s sport, people can watch you cook and you can socialize while cooking.
  • You can convert your kitchen island into a mini-bar by storing the bottle of wines and spirits, saving you the hassle of finding a space for it somewhere else. It is a convenient idea if the kitchen is the most social part of your house. You can serve drinks and food conveniently like this.