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Articles and tips on types of kitchen lightings, care and buying.

Kitchen Lighting

Whenever the talk is about decorating the kitchen, one of the aspects that most of the people tend to overlook comprises of the lighting. However, since a person, more specifically the woman of the house, spends quite a lot of his/her time in the kitchen, good lighting becomes one of the most important features of the overall decor. When it comes to kitchen lighting, it is vital to ensure that not only is it enough, but also that it is not too excessive. At the same time, it should go well with the architectural details and overall decoration theme of the kitchen. Let us explore some ideas on kitchen lighting.

Types Of Kitchen Lighting

Functional Lighting
Functional lighting, as the very name suggests, is used to get tasks accomplished in the kitchen. Apart from that, it is aimed at helping you find things in cabinets and drawers as well move around the room safely. Amongst the common kitchen functional lighting fixtures are fluorescents, recessed lights, and low voltage lighting. Of all the three, recessed lights can be used for task lighting purposes as well, especially over the sink and stove.

Decorative Lighting
Decorative lighting fixtures are, more often than not, meant for ornamental purpose, to impart a specific look to your kitchen or emphasize specific areas. For instance, you can use it to highlight the family eating area. In hardly a few cases can such lighting help you accomplish the kitchen tasks, say when it is used to highlight as well as provide light over an island. Wrought iron, colored glass, pewter and satin nickel lighting fixtures are in vogue these days.

Some Tips
  • While deciding on the number as well as type of lighting fixtures in your kitchen, it is necessary to take the size of the room into consideration.
  • The main work areas in the kitchen, such as the sink, stove, countertop, island and the areas over and below the cabinets, should be properly lit. Here, you can also make use of task lighting.
  • Apart from the actual cooking, majority of the kitchen activities are undertaken at the table. So, it is necessary to light it up properly. You can use a pendant or chandelier fixture for the purpose, providing a dimmer switch alongside.
  • While installing the lighting fixture, make sure that after turning on the light, no shadows are created on the areas where majority of the cooking tasks take place.
  • Using dimmers for all the lights in your kitchen is a good idea, as you will be able to adjust the intensity of the light according to your mood.
  • In case you are planning to use colored lights for your kitchen, try to stick to same color for all the kitchen lighting.
Antique & Vintage Style Kitchen Lighting
Antique is the new fashion statement, be it clothes, jewelries or interior, it is antique art that has become the most happening trend of the season. Most of the interior decorators suggest this antique look to give your home a royal and classy look. Apart from the drawing room and bathroom, this antique look goes most aptly with the kitchen interiors.

Choosing the Right Kitchen Ceiling Light
Proper kitchen lighting is very necessary if you want to give your kitchen your desired look. It should also be kept in concern that kitchen lighting should be a proper blend of ambience and functional lighting. Ceiling lighten in kitchen can be used for both the purposes, so a special emphasis should be paid to the ceiling lighting of the kitchen.

Choosing Kitchen Lighting: Things to Keep in Mind
Lighting has a major role in setting up the moods and interiors of any place. Same is applicable to the case of a kitchen. Even in a kitchen it is very important to go for the right kind of lighting. It's up to you to decide what kind of light makes you feel active and vibrant

Contemporary Kitchen Lighting & Design Ideas
The ambience of Kitchen has become one of the most important parts of home Decor but people often get confused while going for an interior and lighting for kitchen. In such a case, it is always suggested for them to go with the contemporary styling techniques because it gives a very simple yet trendy look to the kitchen.

Fluorescent Kitchen Lighting & Design Ideas
Light is produced when electricity is made to go through the mercury vapor in a glass tube. This invisible light thus produced blends with the glass coating to generate a visible light, which is known as fluorescent light. Fluorescent lighting is basically recognized as the energy efficient white lights which serve as the hallmark of luminous lamps.

Choosing the Right Light for Your Kitchen Island
Kitchen Islands are modular kitchen furniture used for cooking as well as storage purposes. They are available in various shapes and sizes. They are basically meant to provide you a comfort zone for cooking and storage of several kind of Kitchenware.

Things to Know While Choosing Kitchen Lighting Fixtures
Lighting fixture has an enormous role to play when it comes to beautify the kitchen. When you go to the market searching fixtures for kitchen light, the sheer variety available in showrooms and malls just leaves you bewildered. An astounding collection of kitchen lighting fixtures is available in the market.

How to Plan Your Kitchen Lighting
Like any other room of your home, your kitchen too, requires a nice well-thought-out lighting plan. Nowadays kitchens are not just restricted to cooking meals, but also have many more functions. For many people, it is the most frequently used place in the house.

Things to Know Before Buying Pendant Lights for Kitchen
Pendant lighting is a quite a novice concept in the realm of home lighting fixtures. Though it has been around since the 1940's, pendant lighting is making its way in homes having higher ceilings. This type of light must have been developed to find a form of lighting, which is less elaborate than the chandelier, but which served principally the same function and purpose.

Information on Recessed Kitchen Lighting
Recessed lighting is a light plan in which the light fixtures are installed directly into a hollow portion or opening in a ceiling. It is also known as downlight, pot light, and can light. Recessed light is used in many kitchens as they adapt to different lighting functions.

Selecting Rustic Lighting For Kitchen
Rustic lighting refers to light equipment which is decorated with pinecones, animal antlers, trees, fish, or fishing rods. If you've decided to design your kitchen in country style, rustic lighting can add to its Decor and provide a warm glow to it. Since rustic lighting usually goes with country style kitchen